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La Mode: Can we meet you?

Cocoice: I am Cocoice, a rapper, entrepreneur and a family oriented person. I can be a bit conservative, in my free time I sketch bag designs, write articles however I love to do business, I run an agency that outsources household staff.

La Mode: How did the name Cocoice come about?

I used to known as Mo’blaq but changed the name few years ago. Coco is from coconut, rough on the outside, pure and mysterious on the inside. ICE represents ‘breaking of the ice’ (Breakthrough)

La Mode:
What inspired you into rapping?

:Rap has been a part of my life, I started with poetry years ago in secondary school and got inspired listening to the likes of Erick sermon, notorious B.i.g, heavy D, da brat, missy elliot & the likes.

La Mode: Would you say you are making good use of the opportunities given to you by the just concluded Big Brother Naija Game

Cocoice:I am absolutely making use of the opportunities however What is worth doing is worth doing well. I love to put in my best in whatever I am doing.

La Mode: Tell about your new Video…

Cocoice:My new video is something to watch out for, I love to surprise my audience and as you know I let my work speak for me.

La Mode: What makes you different from other artists in the industry?

Cocoice:I dont release a song for releasing sake, I bring something new & just do my thing. My style of rap is versatile & different in many ways.

La Mode:
Do you have any unique fashion style for your brand?

Cocoice:I am very weird when it comes to fashion. I wear what I am comfortable in but my style is edgy and eclectic.

La Mode: Which international and local fashion magazine is your favourite?

Vogue magazine & La Mode

La Mode
: The Cocoice brand , where do you see it going in the next couple of years.

Cocoice: The Cocoice brand is a work in progress and definitely going global as work progresses by Gods grace.

La Mode: What is your advice for people who look up to you?

Cocoice: First I will like to say thank you to everyone out there who keeps supporting & believing in me, I can’t thank you enough.

For anyone looking up to me I will say do something you are passionate about, be yourself and be honest with yourself. Never give up and put GOD first. Every other thing will follow

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