7 pairs of wedding shoes that you’ll wear over and over again

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You may have finally found the perfect dress, the veil to work with your very specific up-do and even a blue garter (ticking! boxes!), but if you still yet to find the perfect shoe then you haven’t quite got it nailed.

An often overlooked element of the bridal aesthetic, due to the fact that they’re usually hidden entirely beneath a sweeping dress it can be easy – and tempting – to give the wedding shoe very little thought.

But in the same way you think about your wedding ‘scent’ (don’t take this the wrong way, but 99% of guests won’t notice it) and your lingerie (hopefully at least *one* person will…), wearing a beautiful pair of shoes is worth the searching – and spending – because it’s your bl**** wedding day.

Not only do you want to feel comfortable with your entire look – and everyone will get at least one good eyeful of your kicks as you whip off the aforementioned blue garter – but you also want your hooves to feel physically comfortable.

Also, let’s be honest, you’ll get a lot more cost-per-wear points with these than the dress…

Crystal-Embellished Sandals, £935, René Caovilla

Satin Pumps, £525, Roger Vivier

Bare Leather Sandals, £650, The Row

Embellished Lace Pumps, £865, René Caovilla

Metallic Silver Sandals, £29.99, Zara

Leather Buckle Mules, £34.50, Topshop

Leather Buckle Mules, £34.50, Topshop

November 28, 2019

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