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    Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

    I like to think of blazers as a sort of cover up alternative, you know, like when you just want to look casual but not like you basically rolled out of bed. When you throw on a cute blazer it kicks up your look in more ways than one and adds some glam but most people in my opinion always have the thoughts on blazers always having the perfect fit, it doesn’t. It just needs to be a blazer well-tailored, by the way that applies to everyone.
    This article is dedicated to skinny girls who like to slim fit every blazer that isn’t their size. It doesn’t have to be your size as long as it’s well-tailored. Another havoc of slim fitting is not finding the right tailor, please if it comes down to taking a few inches-in look for a really experienced tailor. A well experienced tailor protects the tailoring of the blazer hopefully without any mistake.
    Also, apart from the size when getting a blazer pay attention to little details like if it has some nice pocket placements, gorgeous buttons, a different cut at the back, some details around the waist, a peplum cut blazer, a brooch or cute pins this little details could add a lot more style to a plain blazer.
    Another hint for a skinny girl is to try funky colors, add patterns it could be paisley, flowery or even Ankara patterns in fact go rogue try damask and you can’t go wrong as long as you are wearing a coordinated outfit underneath. For example, try a blue colored Ankara patterned blazer with a solid colored outfit like black or if you are on the brighter side try yellow, but make sure one color calms the other, you don’t want to go out looking like a neon sign board flashing. You could alternate it too, wear an Ankara patterned dress with a solid colored blazer.
    Another blazer guide for the skinny girl is the very risky crop blazer/ jacket, I absolutely love it and how it just brings a spaz to an outfit…
    One last tip is a belt, adding a statement belt to a blazer can send a simple laid back look spiraling into another dimension, usually it shouldn’t go wrong but again we can’t be too certain *pensive* but it is a nice idea and a simple way to switch from casual to official…
    P.s.: but remember it’s not the outfit that matters but how you wear it.




    This is insightful

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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