A Major Prada Exhibition Is On The Way and We Are So Prepared For It

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Whether or not you’re a ‘museum person’, every now and then an exhibition comes along that is so often spoken about within your circle of friends that you can’t help but be tempted.

This happened earlier this year to everyone and anyone with even the faintest interest in fashion as Dior staged their mega showcase at the V&A. And considering the resounding success of that fashion extravaganza, we’re predicting mega things for the next in line…

So which fashion house will we be queuing up to take a deep dive into next year? Why,Prada, of course.

Staging its ‘Front and Back’ exhibition at the Design Museum in London, we’ll all be given a front row view into Miuccia Prada’s wildly unique story.

“The exhibition will offer unprecedented insight into Prada’s creative
approach, inspirations and landmark collaborations.”

“Different sectors will reflect the idea of front and back, conveying both the surface of fashion and at the same time the creative and industrial infrastructure on which it depends.”

Joining the family business in the mid-70s, Miuccia not only turned Prada into one of the most successful fashion houses in the world but also transformed the landscape of both style and culture.

November 19, 2019

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