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La Mode Magazine interview withBabatunde Rufai CEO Wear It All Luxury.

La Mode: Tell us about your background and how it shaped your current brand?

Tunde: I do not want to give the cliche story of how I came from nothing or how I struggled to becoming who I am today, but truth be told, I had it pretty rough… starting with the separation of my parents, and being raised by just my dad, struggling to keep 3kids in school…and still wanting them to get the best education….and trying not to favour 1 child more than the other…let’s skip all the sob stories of how I had to fend for myself at a the very young age by applying for menial jobs because I had a passion for fashion, and I knew to become who I want and get to where I want, I would have to work hard….

I opened my first store in 2007 on St Finbarrs road akoka Lagos, which is close to Unilag , as Unilag was a school with so much competition in fashion so I decided to take advantage of that, back then in Unilag its two things that matters the car you drive or your outfit,

La Mode: Tell us about the Wear It All Brand?

Tunde: Wear it all speaks aura, pervasive quality. The luxury that comes with style and Quality. With all of the biggest names in fashion, you’ll be guaranteed to find the best men’s designer clothing .Find stylish seasonal pieces from some of fashion’s most influential labels like Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana among others

La Mode: What have been the challenges so far?

Tunde: No business no matter how little comes with it is own cons especially when you are trying to break even into the market. Selling luxurious brands comes with its challenges especially when you have to convince people to pay such high price for something as little as a piece of shirt and when there’s a lot of replica that go way cheaper and more affordable, they stand in the way of you generating sales or even a take home. It’s was not an easy task but with time and consistency, we stood the test of time.

La Mode: How would you describe your life as an entrepreneur?

Tunde: I must tell you the truth I work about 10-12hrs daily and 7days a week both when am in the country and when am out of the country to stock up, this fashion business is what I enjoy doing and I have passion for, I do have other businesses I do or I have done in the past for example like when I was running a club or my beach bar back then, those business are not what I enjoy doing because it is not my lifestyle or not what I have passion for I was only doing it for the business side of it, presently I still do other businesses like bringing cars from America to sell here in Nigeria an..d am also into real estate business, my typical day start with waking up at 6am for my morning prayer which last for about 30mins or more then brush my teeth to get ready for gym, I return from gym and rest a bit before getting ready to go work , get to work first thing is to check my email

La Mode: What makes your brand stand out from other similar businesses?

Tunde: Wear it all stays true to its words. For what it stands for. The originality and the transparency in our mission and vision. The essence of what it is we are here for. We speak class, style and most of all luxury! Our motto is to let your wears speak for you

La Mode: Who inspire you as an entrepreneur?

Tunde: One Important person that has inspired me is Mr Ojukwu Onwuzulike who is the ceo of Wardrobe Boutique, this is a man who have done nothing else in his life except this fashion business and his doing great with it

La Mode: What is your fashion statement?

Tunde: Yes my work influence my dressing and I can also say my dressing influence my work also, as one of the thing that gives me joy is when I dress good as I do not drink neither do I smoke.

La Mode: What is your advice for young entrepreneurs who look up to you?

Tunde: Never ever get comfortable with your situation, strive, never give up and understand that time is an important factor in becoming that one person you want to become!


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