La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner


FashMode is a Fashion and Modelling reality TV show that looks to showcase and promote upcoming fashion entrepreneurs and models, as well as promote the idea of building a solid relationship between the designer and the model who will showcase their designs. The show also looks to build confidence amongst fashion designers, and give them an opportunity to pitch their ideas to willing investors.

The show will see twenty (24) contestants (12 designers and 12 models) live in one building for the course of five (5) weeks. They will be grouped in pairs (One model and a designer make up a pair) and given tasks to execute each week. At the end of the week, at least one team will be evicted from the show until only five teams are left.

The remaining five teams will compete for the top spot on the final week, and they will be evicted one team after another until the winning team is left standing on the stage and be declared as the ultimate FashMode Combo!

The winning team will get:

  • Six Million Naira in cash! (To be shared equally between the fashion entrepreneur and the model)
  • They will be given an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai
  • They will be on the cover of the next edition of La Mode magazine after the show ends
  • They will both be entitled to a year supply of La Mode Magazine
  • The model will be crowned the Face of La Mode
  • They will get the opportunity to showcase their designs and creativity at the next edition of the La Mode Green October event.
  • And much more interesting, surprise prizes that will be revealed during the course of the show.
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