Five tips that work to stop feeling tired all the time

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Tired of drinking gallons of coffee to wake you up? Here are five tips you hadn’t thought of that work!

Chew gum

Do you feel yourself leaving in Morpheus’ arms in the middle of a meeting? (Don’t be like, we’ve seen you). Draw a piece of chewing gum. The taste does not matter, although in our opinion a strong mint flavor will be more effective than wild strawberry. An English study found that chewing increased concentration and reduced the urge to sleep. So chew!

Massage your ears

It is a technique from Chinese medicine! Start by massaging the top of your ears using small pressure with your thumb and forefinger, then work your way down to the lobe. This stimulates the energy points and will wake you up gently.

Put yourself under blue light

Studies have shown that a lack of light causes fatigue. To avoid the slack, the ideal is to take a new office accessory: a blue light diffuser (no link with the blue light of screens). Blue light and red light have the effect of maximizing attention and reducing drowsiness. So we don’t hesitate!

Tickle your palate

In the middle of the day, do you feel like going on a nap? With your tongue, tickle your palate. This slightly unpleasant feeling will wake you up suddenly. It’s effective for a few minutes, but it can be useful in a meeting or to hold out until the end of a boring class.

Do not sit for more than an hour

A study by the University Health Network showed that prolonged sitting slows the heart rate and can cause drowsiness but also more serious illnesses. Another study found that walking for two minutes every hour could reduce the risk of sitting. So every hour, take a break from your desk, take a pee break, gossip break, snack break. It’s good for you !

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