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If you feel that your skin needs hydration, here is one of the effective methods that Korean women use in the long sequence of skincare steps. We have already talked about the method of cleaning with an oil and then with a foam-based cleaner. Now let’s deepen the next step, the link between facial cleansing and hydration.

Yes, because the Korean tonic, unlike that of us Westerners, often considered an optional, is not only used to rebalance the ph of the skin, but is also and above all the first fundamental step in the hydration process. Its formula, rich in active ingredients, thus begins to hydrate the skin, preparing it to progressively receive the subsequent serums and face creams.

How it applies

The method to apply it, called the 7 Skin Method for Glowing Skin, actually consists of a repeated application of the same tonic or different tonics, 7 times, tapping it on the face directly with the fingers or by nebulizing it and pressing to ensure that all moisturizing substances penetrate the skin. The humectants present in the formulations thus act as a stratification, which is absorbed and retained slowly by the skin, which literally drinks the product, to be plumped, healthy and therefore luminous.

The number 7 is symbolic, it indicates a continued application of the product. In reality, the application can go from 3 to 7 times. The index sensation that suggests the number of applications is the transition from a skin that needs a product like a sponge to a skin that slows down its intake, appearing fuller and turgid.


This skincare regimen is recommended to correct skin problems by working on rebuilding a strong natural barrier. It is especially suitable for the spring-summer period to maintain a high level of hydration, being also water-based formulations and therefore light and fresh.

Furthermore, the application process of tapping and pressing directly with the hands and fingers is so invigorating that it naturally stimulates blood circulation, providing oxygen and nutrients.

The toners to use

Since it must be applied more than once it is better not to rely on toner with alcohol, so as not to attack the skin too much. Use delicate formulations based on roses, tea tree, aloe and green tea for sensitive and dry skin, also prone to imperfections.

If you like retinol, acid or witch hazel toners, make sure you don’t over-layer them, but only apply them in the first layer. Also beware of formulas with light-sensitive ingredients, such as vitamin C or citrus extracts. In this case, always apply a protection factor after having stratified them.

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