How long does it take for cosmetics to show first results?

How long does it take for cosmetics to show first results?

Having everything right away sometimes doesn’t pay. Accustomed as we are to wanting something and to be able to satisfy our needs on the fly, thanks also to increasingly advanced technology, we have perhaps forgotten that certain things take time, the right time. Like skincare and the products that are used daily, the benefits of which are not always immediately visible but come if only you know how to wait. In fact, one is often mistakenly tempted to abandon the treatment regimen that one is following only because the effects do not seem to arrive. The question that arises is therefore: after how long should the results be seen?

It takes about a month for skin cells to renew. Some products therefore take even the full four weeks, and sometimes even longer, before actually showing the benefits. Others, on the other hand, take less time. It all depends on the purpose of the product and the mechanism of its active ingredients. Here are some indications on how long it is necessary to wait before seeing the results of skincare and being able to give a definitive judgment.

Products that give immediate results

All those products that work on the most superficial layer of the skin are part of this range. For example, a good exfoliant is able to make the skin immediately appear brighter and less gray, because it works on removing that superficial layer of dead cells. However, its benefit is temporary. Even face masks promise to immediately plump, hydrate, soothe or refresh the skin but their action does not last long, ideal however certainly before an important event to look your best. Very often, however, it is possible to identify some products that combine ingredients with rapid results with others that require more time, such as skin lighteners, often included in moisturizers.

How long does it take for cosmetics to show first results?

Products that give results in a few weeks

Products that create lasting changes in the skin will never give immediate results. However, there are some effects that may already be visible after a few weeks. Acne products, for example, need several applications to be able to penetrate the skin, fight bacteria, decrease inflammation and unclog pores. It can take weeks before you see any difference, especially as the skin can go through an initial bleeding phase. The detergent is an example of how a product can give immediate but also long-term benefits. Its cleaning action will not act on the already existing outlets, magically removing them, but it will block above all the onset of future ones, thus making it an excellent ally in the long run.

Products that take a month or more

When a product contains active ingredients that work on the deepest layer of the skin such as collagen, retinol, peptides, the results come in the long term. As for reducing acne scars or decreasing sunspots or working on wrinkle reduction, the saying is that “those who go slow go healthy and go far”. The cell renewal process, as we have seen, works on time and constancy. It is therefore not certain that if the results are not visible to the naked eye, the product is not working, on the contrary. Waiting for a few cycles of skin is the advice to be able to make a definitive judgment on the regime you are facing.

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