How to build your personal brand

How to build your personal brand

Do you ask yourself too many times “what am I doing here?” Do you feel that it is difficult for you to say no to plans or people that do not convince you at all? Did you accept that job because you had more economic problems but everything weighs on you every time you walk through the door? You need a reset, a reflection on where you want to go. Or what is the same, build your personal brand.

Show the world who you are and differentiate yourself from the rest. That is creating your brand or identity. In the end, it is about making it easier for those who are looking for someone like you, both to go out, to be part of a work team or to share a life project, to find you.

For this, there is nothing more practical and that produces greater well-being than being who you really are. Only in this way will you be able to communicate effectively with the world from a personal, emotional and work point of view. “In this last area, personal branding is a process by which a person becomes a preferred option in a selection process so that they acquire a good professional position.”

The personal brand has existed since humans roamed the world. It is neither more nor less than your career, everything you have done since you were born and that has made you who you are today. “What is happening now is that we know that we can focus on that seal that makes you special so that it benefits you in one way or another.”

Today there is much talk about personal reputation, both analog and digital, especially now that one of the first gestures of companies before or after your personal interview is to look at your social networks . “And reputation is nothing more than the coherence between what we think, say and end up doing. If we say one thing and end up doing another, we will generate mistrust. And it shows, both in front of and behind the screens.”

“Social networks have surely been the biggest trigger to show this best version of each one of us.” And if your label is not very special because you have not dared to bring out your most creative part, build it. These are the steps to create your personal brand.

Ask yourself the million dollar question

Who I am? How difficult … If you find it difficult to answer, it will give you light to detect what things make you happy and special. “And if you continue to have doubts, ask your five trusted people what you are good at, what would they hire you for or what positively draws their attention to you.”

Have a conversation with you

Ask yourself “what do I want?” Go on a romantic date to talk with you, plan those goals and design how you are going to achieve them.” Because to generate a coherent brand it is essential to carry out a personal growth process. “Before to be liked by others, your brand has to make you fall in love. You have to feel happy in that suit, and it is not easy because they have not taught us to know each other, so the next steps are complicated.”

Set goals

You must know what you want to impact, and of course make an action plan to achieve it. “Do you want more clients, attract a partner , have more professional recognition? Whatever you need, lean on your personal brand through what you think, speak, do and feel. It is about making a personal marketing plan and it is created by analyzing well what you say, what you do and your attitude, without forgetting your physical appearance. All this is not superficial at all, on the contrary, it is of great importance when communicating your brand.”

Make a list of your talents and weaknesses

Take a pen and paper and also write “your values, your interests, your hobbies … The limit is set by you.” Create a strategy to reinforce your strengths and improve your blind spots. And with regard to the professional, identify your strengths by making them visible (specific training, experience, involvement and motivation) and review the weak points to strengthen them (training in communication skills, management or organization skills … ).

Be honest with you

Every time you betray yourself, you take a step back. Put the focus of attention on yourself and not just on what others think or think they expect of you . Even if you listen to them and take their opinions into account, they are not you. After gathering the opinions of your trusted people, spend some time alone to connect with your desires.

Don’t copy the one next door

Get used to being proud of what you contribute. Give yourself courage before you notice what other people are doing. And don’t copy like you’re on an exam. This is not about approving anything, but about identifying with yourself, accepting areas for improvement and getting to work on them. You can project yourself or model someone you admire (it’s okay to mirror yourself), but focus on yourself and think about how you can adapt what you value in someone to your own person.

Find an expert

Self-knowledge, self- esteem , self- recognition, self-image, self-concept, talents, experiences, communication, attitude … is the important thing, but if you want a boost, you can go to a coach, an expert in personal branding or a psychologist.

Daniel Bishopp

Daniel U. Bishopp joined LA MODE in November 2020 to work on the features team covering fashion, culture, food and drink and technology in print and online. Before that, he worked for STYLE ME AFRICA.

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