How to dry wavy hair and eliminate frizz

How to dry wavy hair and eliminate frizz

The hated frizz effect is a consequence of what occurs inside the hair, synonymous with medium or deep dehydration. In fact, the drier the hair, the more it will tend to absorb external humidity, favoring the swelling of the strands. The raised cuticles and split ends then facilitate this step. So what to do to have an anti-frizz effect on wavy hair? Here are some tips.

How to dry wavy hair: the products to choose

If the cause of frizzy hair is dehydration, it goes without saying that the most effective remedy is to treat the health of the hair starting from washing, which must always include a moisturizing treatment, with the addition of some mask before or after the ritual for a boost. for even greater hydration. Styling also plays its part in the maintenance of wavy, healthy and shiny hair.

How to dry wavy hair: without a hairdryer

The best thing to do to maintain healthy hair is to let unruly hair air dry. As the summer approaches, in fact, there is a tendency to return to a natural effect, avoiding the use of plates and hairdryers. This implies stressing them as little as possible, especially when they are still damp, the most fragile moment for them. Therefore, using a wide-toothed comb avoids tensioning the hair too much and maintains the volume of the hair. The brush would instead risk breaking them and weakening them further. Here the products for wavy hair come into play, such as moisturizing and protective oils or mousses, which, always in the right quantities, help to revive and nourish the hair that is plumped and shiny.

How to dry wavy hair: with the straightener

If you want to obtain perfect beach waves with an open air drying, braids and twists to define the hair style are the natural and less invasive remedy, which does not strain the strands and creates the classic natural wave hair. However, when the fold must last, it is better to rely on the help of the plate. Always leaving wavy hair to dry in the sun, you just need to simply finish the style once it is dry, going to underline and perfect the natural waves that have already been created, to “fix” and seal them. Here too, before using the straightener, it is useful to vaporize a thermo protector, to avoid opening the cuticles further and encountering the frizz effect.

How to dry wavy hair: with the diffuser

If air drying is not possible, because time is short, the winning ally for drying wavy hair is the diffuser, to be used in the lowest setting and directing the heat downwards to help smooth the cuticle . Especially in this case it is important to apply a cream or oil before or after to prepare the hair and continue to nourish it. For fine hair, choose oils with light textures to avoid weighing them down further, while thicker hair prefers an anti-frizz product for thicker wavy hair, to coat the strands and give more control. If frizz comes from excessive bleaching, however, hot tools should be avoided.

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