How to get rid of a nose piercing infection


Those of you who have recently had your nose pierced know this. Even if having a jewel on the nose (in the septum or on the nostril) brings a light and a unique style to each face, the maintenance of nose piercings can be very tedious.

A year and four months is enough for it to FINALLY heal. You can touch it without it running, bleeding, or painful.

In the months following a nose piercing, you may have the dreaded “ball of flesh” or “ball of infection”. This is a very attractive, lumpy, red thing that grows on the side of your nasal piercing and prevents your piercing from looking as good and as canon as you want it to be.

Here we will try to answer a few questions about this infection ball to best prepare you for this eventuality and help you overcome this charming step.

Are the infection balls from a nose piercing normal?

Yes, they are. According to Authority Tattoo , they are even “very common”.

Are the balls of infection from a nose piercing permanent?

Usually no, thank goodness. There could be several different reasons and several different manifestations of this lump of flesh, but luckily they shouldn’t last. The different types of swelling are as follows …


A keloid is a form of scar. According to the NHS , this is when collagen “gathers around damaged skin and builds up to help the wound heal.” It can be shiny, hairless, bumpy, hard and rubbery. Friendly.

Keloids are more common in people with darker skin tone, but luckily they tend to fade and shrink over time. Under extreme conditions (and this shouldn’t normally apply to a nose piercing keloid), doctors can freeze them with liquid nitrogen or help flatten them with corticosteroid injections.

Some people recommend tea tree oil. You shouldn’t use this kind of product or be too careful about healing the piercing in general, as it can just cause more damage.


This results from an overgrowth of blood vessels (due to trauma to the piercing or shock) which produces a “small, purplish reddish or brownish black lesion that bleeds easily”. Charming. In fact, one site even describes it as looking like a “raw hamburger.” Enjoy your meal.

Treatment is the same as with keloids, essentially; you have to leave it alone and cross your fingers so that it disappears on its own. Some people recommend salt water cold compresses , chamomile sachets, tea tree oil, etc. but in reality, not fiddling with it should be enough.


This kind of lump is literally an infection. It’s the button version of the nose piercing and it’s probably a bit painful.

Can I pierce my infection ball on my nose?

NO. With keloids and granulomas, there is nothing to get out of your ball of flesh. And when it comes to pustules, just because you think you’ve mastered the art of popping pimples on your face doesn’t mean you need to pop pustules in your piercings. The infection can become much more serious, which in the long term could pose a threat to your health and make it worse. See your piercer for help. I insist. If you’re tempted, resist and watch Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos instead.

Help ! I can’t seem to get rid of my nose piercing infection ball!

Let’s be clear: the number one piece of advice we give you is to leave the ball of flesh alone and not touch it too much (I know it’s hard, REALLY HARD). If you feel like you need to do something, try hot salt water compresses or chamomile sachets, but in reality, it’s all about having patience. You have had a trauma and it will take time for your skin to heal. If you are really worried, or if you are in a lot of pain, go see your piercer who will 1000% know exactly what to do.

Daniel Bishopp

Daniel U. Bishopp joined LA MODE in November 2020 to work on the features team covering fashion, culture, food and drink and technology in print and online. Before that, he worked for STYLE ME AFRICA.

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