How to take care of natural curly hair


Beautiful to look at, difficult to maintain. It sounds weird but having beautiful and defined curly hair is a challenge. It is thought that they are so much, there is not much to do, as you put them they are and instead there is a whole world behind the perfect hedgehog, which if not treated properly risks being dull and lacking in tone. As the title of a children’s book by Shondra M. Quarles, Curly hair, don’t care, says :a warning to be proud of your natural hair, without finding a trick to make it look different. Their greatest merit? The volume. A full head is fun, youthful, whimsical and doesn’t need too many hairdressing touches and complicated creases. But beware of frizz, because its nature is to be dry and vulnerable to moisture. So here is a mini guide on how to take care of your curls, enhancing them and making them the protagonists of your beauty.

Dry them properly

Curly hair hates moisture. Especially in the cold season it is recommended to cut them at least once to ensure that the tips do not dry out too much but remain healthy and ready for spring. It is also important in mid-season to always wash and dry your hair, avoiding going out with damp hair. The temperature of the hair dryer to be preferred is the average one and indispensable is the diffuser for defined and natural curls. The routine includes pre-treatment, shampoo, conditioner or conditioner.

Beware of hydration

It is essential to treat the skin with the same attention that is given to the face. It must be hydrated with oils and massaged to restore circulation and nourish the hair shafts, whether they are left free to express themselves or when they are collected in micro braids. When washing, just make small and delicate movements to minimize knots and frizz.

Increasing conditioning treatments, even by relying on a salon, is a great way to give a boost of hydration and nourishment to the scalp and hair, restoring it soft, easily detangled and radiant. Like a true beauty treatment, conditioners are in fact emollient products that deeply nourish the hair from roots to ends. Their oily texture is very suitable for dry and curly hair.

How to prevent them from breaking or getting damaged too much?

Adopting a protective styling especially in the cold months or in the mid-seasons. These hairstyles have also depopulated on the catwalks of the coming seasons, so why not experiment now? Afro braids, twist out will be some of the trends in terms of hair style. The important thing is not to keep the hairstyle for more than two months, in order not to risk damaging the hair. While the hair is protected, the skin should always be hydrated with a few drops of oil, as a night treatment.

Protect them even at night

To avoid breaking the hair, another precaution to keep in mind is to style your hair before going to sleep, without letting it free to rub on the pillow. Dividing the hair into three sections will allow you to tie them into three distinct braids, not to be tightened too much to maintain the elasticity of the curl. In this way, with less friction on the pillowcase, the hair will break less, will not create knots and will keep its natural volume. To be preferred are the silk pillowcases , because they absorb less sebum than cotton. Alternatively, you can create a turban with a chic silk scarf.

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