Kiddy’s Talk About His Signature White Shirt… “If You Ask Me What I’d Most Like To Have Invented In Fashion, I’d Say The White Shirt.”

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The bright yellow, fringe-lined jumpsuit that French producer and DJ Kiddy Smile created for his recent opera appearance might seem like a far cry from Lagerfeld’s simple black and white look, but Smile is nothing if not versatile. In honor of the late designer, Smile put his own spin on Lagerfeld’s timeless uniform last night, attending the event last night in a white shirt buttoned all the way down and a black leather jacket.

He also got the opportunity to put forth his own interpretation of Lagerfeld’s classic Chanel shirt: he scrawled their shared “K” initial down the center, and on the collar, he wrote the words “Kiddy” and “Karl” in big pink bubble letters. He said he was inspired by his adolescent love of graffiti, as well as the patterns of traditional garments from Cameroon, where his parents are from.) Even when Smile is reinterpreting someone else’s style codes, it seems he’s able to seamlessly include his own perspective, too.

Lagerfeld, wherein a host of famous names each put forth their own interpretation of the central element of Lagerfeld’s iconic uniform, the crisp white shirt.

September 27, 2019

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