Meet Ejiro CEO EE-JAY Fashion: April Cover Personaliy!

La Mode Magazine interview with the creative director of EE-Jay FashionEruhuvwun Oghene Moses

La Mode: Tell us about your background and how it all started?

Ejiro: My names are Christiana, Ejiro Eruhuvwun Oghene Moses. A native of Eku in Delta State, Nigeria, am the 9th of 10 Children of my mother, 5 boys and 5 girls. I was born in Ondo State, Ajue Town in December 1988.

I have always loved fashion since I was a child; my passion for fashion was what motivated me into it.

I went through a fashion training course for a duration of 6 months in the year 2016, under the “Jagaban herself CEO Luminee”.

I started as an entrepreneur few months after my training in November 2016.

La Mode: How did your background shape you into becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Ejiro: My background plays no role on my fashion decision, it was a personal choice because have always loved fashion.

La Mode: What makes your brand different from other brand?

Ejiro: My fashion sense singles me out from other designers, I love creativity. I get inspired by the things I see around my environment. I love to explore! Like when I travelled to Spain, I saw some foreign designs which are unique; I came back and decided to recreate it with an African touch in a different way, which really inspired me. I make elegant female wears that turns head. Decency is a priority to my brand.

La Mode: How would you describe your day routine as an entrepreneur?

Ejiro: I can say my day’s routine is most times stressful as an entrepreneur, but always accomplishing.

La Mode: How long have you been in the business?

Ejiro: Am two years plus in the fashion industry.

La Mode: What would you say are the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Nigeria?

Ejiro: As an entrepreneur in Nigeria, electricity has been a major challenge. Like myself, I run diesel almost every day, and that cost a whole lot of money.

Another major challenge faced by entrepreneurs in Nigeria is low bargains with high expectations. You see a client wanting specific designs but not willing to meet up to payment standards / fee.

Capital is also a major challenge; we have a lot of hard working Nigerians with great business ideals but are limited due to capital insufficiency.

Location & Workers, your location as entrepreneur is very important, because location most times helps to elevate or decrease business potentials and also getting good, dedicated workers sometimes as an entrepreneur is a challenge, because most want fast money without hard work.

La Mode: What are your major accomplishments as an entrepreneur?

Ejiro: Getting recognition locally and international, I would say is a major accomplishment for me and am honored. Have been able to impact knowledge to other young aspiring fashion designers and providing job opportunities for people is also a major accomplishment for me.

La Mode: Who motivates you better?

Ejiro: I must give acknowledgment to the CEO luminee. Her strength and hardwork motivates me greatly. Nkechi Harry Ngonadi (NHN Couture), I admire her decency in the fashion line, I also love her styling. I get inspired by Roza, a Russian designer; I admire her creativity, and strength.

La Mode: What is your fashion Statement?

Ejiro: “Design your dreams”.

La Mode: What is your advice for young entrepreneur who look up to you?

Ejiro: My advice for them is to work hard and stay focused on their dreams and aspirations. Do what you know and be good at it. Don’t follow other people’s dreams.

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