Netflix: 6 new releases to binger (or not) this weekend

Netflix: 6 new releases to binger (or not) this weekend

In 2019, Amazon Prime made waves with The Boys, a squeaky, mocking look at the juggernaut that the superhero genre has become. Two years later, Netflix in turn offers us its vision of deranged superheroes: Jupiter’s Legacy, based on the eponymous comic book series by Mark Millar dating from the mid-2010s. Josh Duhamel is at the head of the series – which will air on Friday, May 7 – as Utopian, a model of justice and righteousness … who is frowned upon by his entire family. Utopian’s daughter, Chloe (Elena Kampouris from Greek Wedding 2 ), is more likely to throw a sports car at a nagger than to play the savior.

While Jupiter’s Legacy is clearly the Netflix newcomer to watch this week, you won’t find all superhero stories streaming this weekend. Earlier this week, Netflix’s latest true crime documentary, Sons of Sam, also debuted, mixing a serial killer investigation and cult theories, as well as part two of the controversial Selena bioseries: The series. This weekend, viewers will discover Monster, a drama starring Jennifer Hudson and Jeffrey Wright, as well as two foreign language projects.

Here are all the Netflix news, classified by plot, genre and order of importance (to watch immediately or to skip for the moment). Read on for details on all of the new Netflix releases, including trailers.


The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness (Season 1) What is that? Another true crime documentary that reminds us that “New York really was hell in the 70s”.

buy Lyrica from mexico What it’s about: The Sons of Sam serial killer case and, most importantly, its aftermath. Most true crime story series spend episodes in the frenzied hunt for the serial killer known as “Son of Sam” or “Caliber 44” killer. A Descent into Darkness dispenses with that genre formality after just one episode, and features the entire two-year investigation in a 60-minute first episode. At the end of the episode “Hello from the gutters”, we know that David Berkowitz was arrested for these crimes, wonders about the reasons for Berkowitz’s crimes and about its possible link with sectarian activities. The writings and research of investigative journalist Maury Terry – who has become an expert on the Berkowitz affair – form the backbone of the series.

generic Misoprostol See it or Zap: Zap, if you’re trying to limit your consumption of content that glorifies the police. Unlike the recent Netflix documentary titled Why You Killed Me, A Descent into Darkness is largely sided with the police sources who direct the narrative of the series (besides Paul Giamati who tells Terry).

Jupiter’s Legacy (Season 1)

What is that? This Is Us with superheroes. People who talk (a lot) about the “Code”.

What it’s about: two very different generations of superheroes. In the center of Jupiter’s Legacy is the Sampson family: Father Sheldon (Josh Duhamel), Mother Grace (Leslie Bibb), Uncle Walter (Ben Daniels), Daughter Chloe (Elena Kampouris) and Son Brandon (Andrew Horton). The old Sampsons represent the original genre of superheroes – they live by a strict code and have been through decades of international horrors. The youngest of the Sampson clan – and the very diverse group of young superheroes who look like them – aren’t so convinced of their parents’ values ​​in an increasingly dangerous world populated by bloodthirsty supervillains and of course global conflicts.

Jupiter’s Legacy oscillates between the interpersonal drama of our time and the 1920s, when the Sheldon & Co. embarked on their adventure to obtain superpowers. Jupiter’s Legacy, you are as likely to witness the crises of the Great Depression as you have scenes of sex (and resentment) between modern-day superheroes.

See it or Zap: Must see, but only if you appreciate the multigenerational melodrama of This Is Us. Jupiter’s Legacy may well offer the entertainment of series of the genre like The Boys or Umbrella Academy, this is a rather conservative family drama. If you’re willing to invest in the Sheldon therapy sessions or rudimentary debates about “justice” as much as a big bad guy showdown with a lot of special effects, you’re going to have a great time (even yes, honestly, that’s a bit silly).


What is that? An extremely serious drama.

What it’s about: Steve Harmon (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), a promising young man brought down by the “legal” system. When viewers meet Steve, he’s got his whole life ahead of him. We discover a Harlem student passionate about photography and cinema. Steve also enjoys the unconditional support of his parents, played by Jennifer Hudson and executive producer Jeffrey Wright. Then Steve ends up agreeing to keep watch during an armed robbery. This simple crime takes a fatal turn, and Steve, a black boy, finds himself embroiled in a murder.

Quickly, Steve is called a “Monster” – hence the title – and the film explores all the ways in which the legal process turns its protagonist, a three-dimensional kid with a complicated history, into a textbook case of demonization, black men.

Monster is based on the children’s novel of the same name written by Walter Dean Myers in 1999.

To see or to skip: to see, to discover a cascade of exceptional talent. Beyond stars Kelvin Harrison Jr, Wright and Hudson, Monster – which premiered at Sundance in 2018 – also stars Jharrel Jerome, John David Washington, Mikey Madison from Better Things, and even ASAP Rocky ( who plays under his official name Rakim Mayers). Radha Blank, from 40-year-old, still in the flow, also co-wrote Monster, which was executive produced by John Legend.

Selena: The Series (Part 2)

What is that? Infuriating, that’s what it is.

What it’s about: The tragic end of Selena Quintanilla Perez’s life. As in the first part of Selena, Christian Serratos plays the titular role of the pop star, who was shot in 1995 at the age of 23. Part Two follows Selena and her family from 1992 to her death, and beyond. It is this “beyond” that hides the real subject of Selena Part 2: the Quintanillas. Selena is, once again, treated as just a point of entry into this story.

In these last nine episodes, viewers see Selena’s career explode as she embarks on a new adventure as a married woman. As you might expect, Selena’s worryingly controlling family makes every moment of Selena’s personal growth a personal matter.

To see or to skip: to skip, unfortunately. As for the first part, Selena Quintanilla deserves better. The most obvious problem is that Selena is reduced to a secondary character in a series that bears her name. If you don’t believe it, watch the Part 1 episode “Como La Flor”. Rather than exploring the early days of married life for Selena and her new husband Chris Perez (Jesse Posey, Tyler Posey’s little brother), this thrilling event is seen from the perspective of her family and her reactions. To reinforce this idea, “Como La Flor” includes several scenes where the Quintanillas discuss whether Selena should be “allowed” to marry.

These conversations appear particularly ridiculous in view of the casting. While the real Selena was 21 when she got married, her performer, Serratos, was in her 20s at the time of filming. Serratos looks good in her age (especially because of her old style). The Quintanillas’ debate over whether an adult woman “should” be able to marry may therefore seem ludicrous, as does Selena’s older sister Suzette (Noemi Gonzalez), who is worried about words like “date. “or” girlfriend “apply to it.

Super Me

Date to air on Netflix: Saturday, May 8

What’s this? A fantastic film in Mandarin.

What it’s about: a super power that has yet to be harnessed by pop culture. In the grip of terrible dreams, Sang Yu (Darren Wang), the screenwriter of Super Me, suffers from insomnia. All of Sang Yu’s problems disappear when he realizes that he has the ability to bring objects – bundles of banknotes for example – and precious objects from his dreams back to reality. Sang Yu turns his power into a multi-million dollar project – which, unsurprisingly, comes with a heavy price to pay and dangerous stakes in real life.

To see or to skip: to have. Like the previous 2021 international films, The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity and Space Sweepers, Super Me is an outright blockbuster.

Mine (Season 1)

Date to air on Netflix: Saturday, May 8

What’s this? A Korean language drama about the rich.

What it’s about: The question of what is really “yours” in high society. Seo Hee-soo (Lee Bo-young) was a successful actress, until she married a member of the wealthy Han family. Jeong Seo-hyeon (Kim Seo-hyung) also lost her identity after marrying another of the Han children. Today, the two women struggle to find their own identity – just like Kang Ja-kyeong (Ok Ja-yeon), a mysterious guardian, who bursts into their world.

To see or to skip: See if you’re in the mood for impeccably dressed people whispering secrets and talking about money week after week. Like a handful of other international series, Mine Season 1 episodes will be released weekly, not all at once. Remember: Mine is also destined to become a murder mystery series like all other money-themed melodramas.


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