Netflix: 7 new things to binger (or not)

Netflix: 7 new things to binger (or not)

Last weekend, Amanda Seyfried caused a sensation on the Oscars red carpet . This week you’ll find her in a very different situation: completely terrified in the latest Netflix movie. Seyfriend plays the main character in Into Blind Spots , a psychological horror film about a married woman, Catherine Claire, who begins to believe that something supernatural is brewing in her new home. James Norton of The Nevers and Natalia Dyer of Stranger Things are also showing.

For those looking to have a good night’s sleep, Netflix is ​​offering two very different offers last Friday, April 30. First up, there ‘s Pet Stars, a reality TV show about managing influencer pets (welcome to the 2020s!); then you can watch the new sexy spanish drama Innocent. Earlier this week, the platform launched the highly publicized Yasuke anime , along with a guide to sleep and more.

So here are the Netflix releases, detailed by plot, genre, and whether or not it’s really worth watching. Read on for all of these new releases, including their trailers.

Pet Stars (Season 1)


isotretinoin cheap online What’s this? A ridiculous reality TV show that should be a lot more fun than it is.

sensibly What it’s about: Colleen Wilson and Melissa Curtis, two executives of Pets on Q, a famous animal management company. Pet Stars follows Wilson and Curtis as they search for clients, boost the fame of those they already have, and try to grow their business.

Cabot Watch or Skip: Pet Stars is the kind of show that should be pure fun – like Selling Sunset with cute animals. Unfortunately, Pet Stars doesn’t know what to do with Wilson and Curtis. The series forces them into a stilted and unnecessary dialogue; a conversation on Sunset Boulevard is so painfully boring that it can tempt you to turn off your television and remind you to go outside for once. You can go your way.

Things Heard & Seen


What’s this? More reasons to be wary of the characters played by James Norton.

What it’s about: the haunted house as a literal place – and a metaphor for a wedding. Norton and Amanda Seyfriend host Things Heard & Seen as George and Catherine Claire, a young college couple. Catherine is an artist; George was an artist and has just completed his doctorate. The Clares leave their brilliant life in Manhattan to allow George to pursue his dreams of teaching at a small university in the Hudson Valley.

As Catherine adjusts to her new secluded life – and her new secluded home – she and her daughter Franny (Ana Sophia Heger) begin to wonder if they are really alone in their new country home, if tiny as it is. As Catherine begins to open up spiritually, George indulges in his most selfish impulses after meeting the whimsical Willis (Netflix idol Natalia Dyer). These two very different developments put the Clares on a much more intense collision course than divorce.

To see or to skip: to see, for a “scary” film which is much more thoughtful than frightening. Things Heard & Seen is above all a film about romantic relationships, and truly shines with its wandering looks and unspoken words.

Yasuke (Season 1)


What’s this? An English-speaking anime with a very successful title sequence.

What it’s about: Another role of LaKeith Standfield. This time, Stanfield – who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor last weekend – plays Yasuke, inspired by the black samurai of the same name. Yasuke, however, takes liberties with the legacy of his titular character. Here, Yasuke is forced to care for a special young girl in a war-torn Japan besieged by dangerous tyrants, magic, and super robots.

Must See or Zap: Must see, if you’re already an anime fan or if you’ve just completed Shadow and Bone. If Yasuke doesn’t seem like an obvious sequel to Netflix’s adaptation of Leigh Bardugo, the two projects actually have a lot in common. These are both world-building fantasy series and period pieces with an unexpected mix of genre flavors. For Shadow and Bone, that means traditional supernatural warfare is mixed with the greatness of classic Russian royalty. In Yasuke  you are treated to a samurai tale with magic and mecha robots. Either way, you’re transported to a world you’ve never seen before.

The Headspace Guide to Sleep (Season 1)


What’s this? A series that you could easily listen to like a podcast.

What it is about: to guide you towards sleep, both with information and concrete exercises. The beginning of each episode of the Headspace Guide to Sleep explains the facts behind its theme, whether it’s the truth about sleeping pills or the effects of cellphones on sleep. Quirky little graphics help describe what host Eve Lewis Prieto is talking about. Then, after a few minutes, each chapter ends with a relaxation practice lasting a few minutes to get you to sleep.

To see or to skip: if you have trouble sleeping, you have to see this. It’s clearly organized by subject and all last less than 20 minutes. So, check out which one grabs your attention or seems most helpful for your sleep needs (and contact a doctor for any urgent sleep disorder that a Netflix show is unable to address). Otherwise, you can go your way.

Sexify (Season 1)


What’s this? An exciting Polish comedy drama about coming of age.

What it’s about: Natalia (Aleksandra Skraba), an obsessive computer science student. Technically, Natalia has everything it takes to be nominated for a prestigious national competition: excellent grades, the most successful graduation project, and lots and lots of sophisticated equipment. Unfortunately, Natalia’s new teacher tells her that her sleep study… isn’t sexy. And only something really sexy has a chance of winning.

Determined to keep the first place, Natalia decides to direct her work towards the study of the female orgasm. As Natalia has not yet made love, she asks her best friend Paulina (Maria Sobocinska) and her new neighbor Monika (Sandra Drzymalska) for help.

To see or to skip: to see! Like From Those Who Dare or Valeria, Sexify is a fun and sexually positive series led by dynamic women in search of themselves. With just eight episodes, all under 50 minutes long, Sexify is an easy and fun series to watch on the weekends.

Innocent (Season 1)


What’s this? This week’s sexy Spanish mystery murder.

What it’s about: can we really escape our past? Innocent’s hero Mateo Vidal (Mario Casas) is fresh out of prison after living behind bars for nine years. His crime: an accidental homicide that occurred while trying to end a fight. Today, Mat is trying to settle into a normal life with his wife Olivia (Aura Garrido), who is pregnant. A surprising phone call plunges Mat back into the nightmare of his past, as the murder of a nun puts him on the trail of a relentless detective (Alexandra Jiménez).

Innocent is based on a 2005 version of the same novel by American author Harlen Coben, whose work also inspired last year’s British thriller Bullying.

See or Skip: See if you’re eagerly awaiting the early return of Who Killed Sara next month. Like this Spanish series, Innocent questions how a years-old crime can spill over into the present, under the watchful eye of a menacing-looking protagonist.

If Who Killed Sara – or, frankly, the Sky Rojo strip club series – wasn’t for you, go your way.

Fatma (Season 1)


What’s this? A drama in Turkish language. A reminder that Killing Eve has given up on one of its most exciting storylines.

What is it about: Fatma (Burcu Biricik), an underrated domestic worker. We meet Fatma as she desperately searches her hometown for her husband, Zafer, who has recently been imprisoned. Someone keeps calling Fatma and hanging up. She is convinced that the mysterious caller is Zafer. As Fatma visits Zafer’s former criminal contact to get a lead on his whereabouts – or find out if they killed him – she accidentally commits her own murder. Realizing that her anonymity as a housekeeper is her secret weapon, Fatma sets out on a path of deadly revenge to get answers about her husband.

To see or to skip: just like The Scarlet Handmaid, Fatma loves zooming in on the bewildered face of her own star with light hair and eyes. For much of Fatma, star Burcu Biricik simply looks lost, even after she kills a man, prompting her to bloody revenge. It’s frustrating.

Then, as Fatma nears its end, the series becomes incredibly tragic and, eventually, disturbing. You can zap.

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