Night cream: 5 good reasons to use it regularly

Night cream: 5 good reasons to use it regularly

If you have the habit of going to bed without applying night cream, it means that you do not know all the benefits that this cosmetic can give you, including helping you to look more rested and relaxed the next morning. Using a night cream not only completes your evening skincare routine, but can help keep it beautiful and healthy for a long time. Here are five main reasons why you should apply a night cream, before going to bed, on your face and neck.

Why use night cream? Because it increases skin hydration

If you have dry, dehydrated skin, using a night cream could be the turning point. The night formulas are in fact rich in moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, able to restore the skin’s water resources, and nourishing ingredients, such as butters and vegetable oils, ideal for restoring elasticity to the skin, and filling its dryness very often caused by daytime external aggressions. This moisturizing and nourishing mix while you sleep, will give a charge of energy to the skin, which will allow you to wake up with a brighter and more rested face.

Why use night cream? Because it renews the skin

Most night creams not only moisturize the skin well, but also have a strong anti-aging action. In fact, they contain very active ingredients such as retinol , glycolic acid, salicylic acid that help the skin to counteract the signs of aging. Lately, the world of cosmetics has also discovered the beneficial effects of CBD, an active ingredient extracted from cannabis flowers, which helps stimulate cell renewal of the skin, its anti-inflammatory effect instead reduces the appearance of spots and fine wrinkles. In short, a night cream has a higher concentration of active ingredients than a day cream, precisely because during the night it must work to repair and heal the skin.

Why use night cream? Because it has a new consistency

Nowadays night creams, even the richest ones, do not grease the skin. They have textures that are soft and enveloping, hydrate and nourish to the maximum, without however leaving oily residues. If you are under thirty, or have particularly oily skin, you can opt for a night gel: it contains the same principles as richer creams, but less fats and nourishing oils, so the epidermis has the same benefits but without anoint.

Why use night cream? Because it promotes night rest

Most night creams follow the rules of aromatherapy and as they are massaged on the face in the evening they release scents that calm the senses and promote relaxation of mind and body. The most used perfumes? Lavender, orange blossom, rose that help fight stress and promote sleep. To increase its relaxing benefits, warm the cream in your hands, then bring your palms under your nose and inhale the aroma with deep breaths.

Why use night cream? Because it works like a mask

The latest generation night creams have been designed with a double function: they can be used as an evening treatment but also as a mask. As a daily treatment, spread a small amount on your face and massage. Once a week or in any case when you feel that the skin is particularly dry or dehydrated, apply a generous layer, like a compress, and leave it on for at least twenty minutes. After, remove the excess with a tissue, so that the active ingredients can continue to act throughout the night.

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