Reasons to Reconsider the Ballet Flat

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The spectrum of basic ballet flats can range from an ugly commuter shoe to something insanely chic. Thankfully, brands like The Row and Jil Sander have revived these feet-clinging shoes, making them look cooler than ever, and giving us plenty of reasons to say goodbye to their unattractive, oddly flexible, fold-up counterparts that you stash and hide in your commuter tote. It’s time to update the basic flats, and replace them with a stylish, modern take on the ballerina. Simple design updates like higher cuts have eliminated unwanted toe cleavage and undoubtedly created more appealing silhouettes. Supremely soft leathers, embellishments, cutouts, and unconventional materials have also played their part in transforming these commuter shoes into comfortable and coveted alternatives you’ll be reaching for day after day—no longer just during the commute.

September 27, 2019

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