The essential guide to buying the perfect vintage jeans

The essential guide to buying the perfect vintage jeans

Washed out, tight, loose, baggy, slim, skinny… a hundred and more variations of jeans and in any case they will never be enough. The fashion of jeans has been part of the women’s wardrobe for decades and does not seem to be close to a phase of arrest. More and more brands are specialized in the creation of women’s jeans of all kinds, but the resale market is also experiencing a great increase, encouraged both by the platforms for selling second-hand clothes and accessories online, and by the desire of buyers to contribute to a circular fashion. In this case, vintage jeans are the flagship among the numerous second-hand purchases that can be made. But how to choose the right pair? How to select the right high waisted vintage jeans model? To clarify the perfect process of buying used denim, the premium brand of jeans, Levi’s.

First of all it is good to take a careful look at the material. Whether you are shopping for vintage jeans online or in a boutique, it is good to check the state of the denim. What Levi’s recommends is not to opt for overly elastic models. In fact, at the time of purchase it is good to make sure that the jeans are rather rigid and well preserved. This way, it will keep its shape for a long time.

The essential guide to buying the perfect vintage jeans

Another key element to consider is the presence of holes on the jeans, a detail that certainly centers more on the area of ​​personal taste. If the pair of jeans seemed perfect but had defects such as small holes, the advice is to buy them anyway. In fact, customization and repair services are increasingly popular, especially for a pair of classic trousers such as vintage ripped jeans.

Again with regard to the fabric, particular attention should be paid to the size. A pair of vintage non-stretch jeans tends to be slimmer than jeans made nowadays. Often you may find yourself in the situation of having to request a size or two more than usual, to avoid having to make returns. For example, if the pair of vintage jeans in question is an authentic Levi’s 501, the size of the model could be very different from the brand’s own products today. Therefore, when shopping, it is always advisable to request the measurements of the bust and leg, to be sure that you have found the right model for your silhouette.

Last but not least, washing. Certainly a not insignificant detail, the washing of vintage jeans, that is the shade of blue it presents, is one of the reasons that leads some models to be more expensive and desired than others. Of course, personal taste takes precedence when you need to buy a pair, however it is good to know that a pair of vintage jeans in excellent condition maintains, despite its age, a uniform and well distributed color.

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