The Latest Convert to This Radical Menswear Trend Is Jaden Smith

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It might be one of this year’s more unlikely menswear trends, but a scarf wrapped around the head in the style of an elderly Russian woman—nicknamed the “babushka” look—has now been seen on everyone from Frank Ocean to Marc Jacobs. But who was patient zero? Strangely enough, it was A$AP Rocky, who wore a Gucci silk scarf to a Los Angeles benefit dinner last November, and also more recently devoted a whole track to this unassuming accessory, the appropriately titled “Babushka Boi.”

The treends latest convert is Jaden Smith. Attending the Los Angeles launch of the latest drop from his lifestyle label MSFTSrep this past Saturday, the 21-year-old multihyphenate took the trend into more psychedelic territory, sporting a scarf that was covered in multi-colored tie-dye. It was intended as a nod to the mini-collection, titled “Trippy Summer,” which was produced in collaboration with the sock brand Stance.

Smith is well-known for his willingness to rip up the rule book when it comes to the staid conventions of menswear.

September 3, 2019

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