The most beautiful places from Oia to Santorini


For a truly authentic stay: Andronis Arcadia

Terraced architecture that blends in with nature, clean rooms open to the outside, with private pools made of volcanic stone and therefore naturally heated, all in a setting that is both intimate and a two-minute walk from the lively streets Oia… The Andronis Arcadia hotel offers some of the finest services on the island, in addition to a very efficient and up-to-date service thanks to a WhatsApp line connecting each guest to the reception. It is also there that one can observe a magnificent sunset. Since July, we admire it while savoring, at the new gourmet restaurant Opson, a tasting menu inspired by the dishes and culinary techniques of ancient Greece, the result of archaeological work carried out by chef Stefanos Kolimadis using products from the hotel’s vegetable garden.

To see the island from another angle: a boat tour

Cradle of an extraordinary civilization which inspired the myth of Atlantis, the volcanic island was destroyed in the 16th century BC, in a dantesque eruption whose climatic effects were felt as far as present-day California. From the collapse of the central part of the volcano and the magmatic flows emerged the current topography of Santorini, with its immense caldera, its hot springs, its red, white or black beaches and its jagged coastline. It is a breathtaking spectacle that can be discovered during a day’s boat trip on the Aegean Sea. Meet in the very photogenic bay of Amoudi below Oia, from where luxury Pardo boats and catamarans can be privatized, for an excursion as wild as it is unforgettable.

For a relaxed aperitif: Meteor

Because Oia is one of the most photogenic villages on the planet, millions of tourists flock there each year to photograph enough to feed their Instagram accounts. Many bars and restaurants have adapted their decoration to this appetite for bling, which sometimes gives the village’s “main street” the appearance of Rodeo Drive. However, there are still a few small authentic bars, run by locals indifferent to the Cannes Festival outfits displayed by the thousands of influencers who, every evening at the same time, rush towards the end of the island where they meet. find, they say, the most beautiful view of the sunset. A colorful and priceless parade that can be admired from the shaded terrace of the Meteor, where the owner serves a quality Ouzo.

For a candlelit dinner: Lycabettus

It was voted “restaurant with the most spectacular view in the world” and this reputation is not usurped: Lycabettus is perched on a suspended rock, offering a 360 degree view of Oia and the Aegean Sea. The show is everywhere. First, facing the Aegean Sea and the sky that merge and change color every minute at nightfall. Then, on the plate, where chef Nikos Leivadias delivers a very show-off nine-step tasting menu whose reputation goes well beyond the Cyclades. Finally, at the neighboring tables, where extravagant marriage proposals are played out every evening (with the arrival of the wedding ring in a drone, yes), because the address is popular with American couples who are seen arriving in this setting. film in ball gown and sneakers (no pair of heels has ever survived the cobbled alleys of Oia).


For a stay cut off from the world

Awarded since its opening away from the hustle and bustle of Oia, Canaves Epitome is a mineral setting with pure lines whose breathtaking villas alone deserve the trip ( Travel + Leisure voted it the best resort in Europe in 2020 ). Spacious and sheltered from prying eyes by volcanic pumice stone walls, the spacious villas compete with each other: alcoves carved into the rock for scorching naps, infinity pools, local ceramics, top-notch room service menu, and even a secret room in the basement, which overlooks the glass bottom of the swimming pool. In the evening, the beautiful Elements gourmet restaurant serves one of the best cuisine on the island.

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