The Unexpected Street Style Hero Of New York Fashion Week 2019

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Just when you thought cowboy boots were all set to be the most popular shoe this season, it seems we somehow overlooked another style that’s proving an even bigger (and taller!) hit on the style circuit.

As some of the world’s chicest women storm the pavements of New York Fashion Week, we couldn’t help but notice the number of thigh-highs adorning the feet – and legs – of some our our favourite street style stars. Yes, that’s thigh-high. A whole 5-or-so inches higher than the knee-high…

By no means one for the faint-hearted, these kicks have been spotted on the likes of Caroline Daur and Chloe Harrouche – and now we want a pair.

Whether you layer them beneath flowing midi dresses (us) and give just the occasional glimpse as you walk, with jeans (street style set), or with micro-mini cycling shorts (ultra-brave street style set), it’s really worth considering the punchy look as we embark on boot season.

September 12, 2019

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