this Topshop teddy will be the most popular coat of the season

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Summer officially ended a couple of weeks ago, but we’re taking it upon ourselves to dub *today* the turn of the season. It was too balmy at the beginning of last week to even consider putting on a cosy coat, and the relentless rain towards the end rendered it practically impossible to leave the house, never mind dress appropriately.

The current mid-teen temperatures, brisk wind and cold, blue skies mean that not only is the commute a whole lot more bearable, but also that it’s finally time to rediscover your love for a Teddy.

We don’t mean the one you’ve been sleeping with since you were a toddler (we won’t tell if you don’t), but rather the snuggly coat that doubles up as a pillow on long journeys.

Teddy coats were huge a few years ago, but have since been replaced in several wardrobes by its waterproof alter ego, the puffer. This season, however, we’re thrilled to report that the cosy classic is officially back.

The perfect just-below-the-butt length, it’s an expensive-looking cream that’s closer to the beige end of the spectrum than the white – meaning it’s also v practical. It has pockets (a huge tick), deep, cosy lapels, and a zip for full-teddy mode. Oh, and it’s machine washable. Need we say more?

I’d personally style it atop a simple cream sweater and jeans combo with chunky black biker boots to balance proportions and avoid looking top-heavy, but colleagues have also styled it with both mini and midi floral dresses and I’m very into that too.

October 4, 2019

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