Wedding Wednesdays: 3 flower cocktail recipes to make for your wedding

With her Instagram account @decotartelette full of cocktails with multicolored flowers, completely Cassie Winslow has made her creations as beautiful as they are delicious. Inspired by fresh flowers and plants combined with festive tastes, the American now shares her secrets in her book “Floral Libations”. We consider her book an opportunity to ask her 3 easy recipes for floral cocktails, ideal for weddings and other parties.

The paloma with chamomile and pink grapefruit from Deco Tartelette for a wedding
The paloma with chamomile and pink grapefruit from Deco Tartelette for a wedding
© Deco Tartelette

3 cocktail recipes to try

uk buy Seroquel Paloma with chamomile and pink grapefruit

The ingredients for 1 cocktail:

-Juice of 1/2 ruby red grapefruit
-2 teaspoons of chamomile syrup
-4 tablespoons or 60ml of tequila
-A little sparkling water
-1/2 teaspoon fresh orange zest
-A handful of ice cubes
-Pink salt or classic salt
-Some fresh and organic chamomile flowers for decoration

Frost the edges of each glass with salt (or pink salt for added allure). Pour the ice, grapefruit juice, sparkling water and tequila into a glass. Mix everything before decorating the cocktail with fresh chamomile flowers or 1/4 slice of grapefruit.

Inhumas Why according to Cassie Winslow? “It’s one of my favorite cocktails from the start. It’s the perfect combination of taste and sweetness, chamomile brings a vegetal side.”

Deco Tartelette's pink lilac margarita for a wedding
Deco Tartelette’s pink lilac margarita for a wedding
© Deco Tartelette

Pink Lilac Margarita

The ingredients for 2 cocktails:

-2 tablespoons of lilac syrup
-The juice of 4 organic squeezed limes
-The juice of 1 organic grapefruit
-The juice of 1 organic lemon
-8 tablespoons or 120ml white tequila
-A handful of ice cubes
-Pink salt

Place all the ingredients in a pitcher and mix. Pour the cocktail into two glasses filled with ice and the edges frosted with pink salt. Decorate with some organic lilac flowers.

Why according to Cassie Winslow? “This cocktail is almost too good to drink. It has a sweet floral flavor, the perfect combo for a wedding filled with flowers.”

The chamomile and citrus gin and tonic from Deco Tartelette for a wedding
The chamomile and citrus gin and tonic from Deco Tartelette for a wedding
© Deco Tartelette

Chamomile and citrus gin and tonic

The ingredients for 4 cocktails:

-480ml of squeezed citrus juice (I usually mix blood orange, grape and Cara Cara oranges)
-16 tablespoons or 240ml of gin
-120ml of tonic water
-2 tablespoons of chamomile syrup

In a large pitcher, combine the citrus juice, gin, tonic water and chamomile syrup. Pour into 4 glasses of your choice and cover with ice. Decorate with a citrus slice or an organic chamomile flower. Health!

Why according to Cassie Winslow? “Chamomile, citrus and gin and tonic are so easy to combine. It’s the perfect last minute cocktail or for a little summer dinner!”


Find all Cassie Winslow’s flower cocktail recipes in her book “Floral Libations”

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