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What To Know About FashMode2.0 Before You Apply!


FashMode Season 2.0

How The Show Will Run:

Due to Covid-19 and Lagos State policy on social gathering not having more than 20 persons in a gathering. Hence, FashMode Season 2.0 will be a little different as follows;

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to explore new avenues within the digital space to achieve its goals in various sectors. Likewise in order to bring you a seamless production and reach an audience that’s not limited by time and space, nor altered by the pandemic.

It’s a show we love to air to DSTV but this season will not be aired on the DSTV platform because of Covid-19 as it will reduce the number of weeks contestants will be in the FashMode house. The show will start two weeks offline and the remaining 3 weeks in the house. Due to this development, we will not be airing the show on DSTV unlike in Season one when the show was aired on DSTV. Moreso, we will definitely give the content of the show to fashion stations to air who will love the content. But this is determined when these channels make a request as we are willing to promote the material beyond YOUTUBE. The key point to this paragraph is that “Season 2 will be aired exclusively on YOUTUBE.

Due to Lagos State policy on social gatherings, we will be having only qualified contestants for the live show as all social gathering protocols must be observed.

All contestants will require a Covid-19 test result, doctor’s health result and letter of consent from their parents or guardian as requirements to be in the FashMode house.

Winning is strictly based on the highest votes it’s a one-winner takes it all Season.

FashMode has always been a monetary vote process, with no REFUND for votes.

The La Mode and FashMode brand will not be responsible for any contestant monetary loss to votes as a result of defeat. Only one winner takes it all.

The winning cash prizes are redeemed immediately without delay as this is within our control.

Complementary prizes are in the hands of brand sponsors. Once they redeem the products we send them to contestants.

Endorsement deals are not within FashMode control, this is also dependent on brands who are willing to work with the winner.
The FashMode platform provides that access to brand endorsements. Also, the winner needs a good manager to leverage positively on the FashMode

The international trip as the benefit is in the control of the sponsoring airline. For example, Egypt Air supported the Season one Dubai Trip.

To register for this season send your Full Name, Age, Gender, Category you’re contesting for, Height (For Models), Whatsapp Number, Current Location of Residence and Instagram Handle to

Only shortlisted entries will be contacted.

Terms and conditions apply, and more information will be communicated as matters arise.

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