Will Smith’s 10 Rules for Success

Will Smith's 10 Rules for Success

Will Smith is one of Hollywood ‘s most popular actors , not just because he stars in blockbuster movies or because he’s the prince of rap, but because he possesses one of the most popular energies. most attractive in the industry. He’s one of those men who always seem to have their feet on the ground and act like nothing is too bad (unlike those who end up alienating fans with their negative attitude). This way of thinking has allowed him to attract better projects that he continues to work on and to be asked by others to catch them and find success. Will grew up in a Philadelphia neighborhood and decided to become a rapper, but he found his way to Hollywood and the rest is history (his best movies are proof of that). Over the course of his journey, he left some rules for success that he shared in different interviews on his rise to glory. We compile a few of them here. And what could be better than listing them in your own words.

Stay focused

For the actor, it is about focusing on one thing. “I realize that in order to have the level of success that I want to have, it’s hard to spread out and do a lot of things. To be successful on a global scale, it takes desperate and obsessive focus.”

Improve yourself

It seems like a rule of thumb, but you have to constantly build yourself up. “The way to improve the lives of others is to improve yourself. Every morning, when I get out of bed, I always have something to do.”

It’s not about the money

We always think of the millions instead of enjoying the trip. In this regard, he says: “It was never about money . In my experience, people who do things for money make the wrong choices. It’s better to do what you love and then earn money doing what you love. ”

Forget the fear

This is probably the biggest drag for many people. The fear of doing things. “The problem with fear is that it lies. She tells you stupid things, and for me the daily confrontation with fear has been training. ” “The best things in your life are on the other side of fear.”

Have a perfect attitude

What we mentioned from the start and what characterizes this icon of cinema. “I have to come to work with the right attitude and positive energy. I have a shirt that says positive energy is part of the job description. ”

Be vulnerable

“You have to be comfortable looking like an idiot, making mistakes, and you have to break down what is in you that you don’t want them to see. Because when you allow people to see, you have access to things that you weren’t aware of. ” In short, Will Smith is the very definition of openness.

Remember you can do it

“When I was a kid, my parents told me I could be whatever I wanted. And this desk, this position, the highest on Earth, I heard my parents say it, but I couldn’t believe it. And I got carried away and lifted my head, and stood there and looked people in the eye and talked to them like I deserved all that this planet has to offer. ”

Give something of value

Finally, you cannot hope to be successful if you do not offer anything to others. “The biggest thing in my career has been the constant commitment to give the world something of value, not something that makes me look cool. You have to focus on spreading your art, yourself and your ideas to make the world a better place. ”

Don’t listen to others

On different occasions, Will Smith has said that there is no point in listening to opinions or criticism, but that you have to be guided by yourself.

Have fun

This brings us back to the question of the positive attitude. We’ve never seen Will Smith say no to anything and he always seems to be making the most of the moment. An excellent lesson.

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