3 Things That Should be avoided in Your Relationship

Relationship is a serious business so till you are fit for it please do not venture in it.

In order not to destroy your relationship, it is important and safe to avoid the following:

1. Firstly, learn not to discuss your relationship with third parties.

There is this saying that one needs to learn not to talk about their partners to friends and family because at the end, you will forget what your partner did and move on but they would not.

When you talk to third parties you do not expect them not to air their opinion, judge the situation and even offer you advice. In some cases friends and families will start forcing you to go into protection mode against your partner.

In a nutshell, their opinion and advice may  begin to rub off on you that you will start becoming too cautious and analytical in your relationship which is not healthy for the relationship. When it gets to this stage you will start seeing errors and you will not be able to tolerate your partner again.

2. Be careful at all times not to use your partner’s past against them

When you are in a relationship, the tendency that your partner have seen the whole of you is very high because at that point you have trusted the person to the point that you feel nothing should be kept secret.

The highest betrayal and back-stabbing that can be gotten in a relationship is when you get into a disagreement with your mate, and your past is used to blame or discourage you.

Some people out of frustration and helplessness use the things about their partner to hunt them not realizing the degree of damage they are causing. Their partner is unlikely to EVER trust them again.

3. Totally avoid making fun of your partner in any social gathering.

Most people do not see this as a big deal but it is a fast killer of relationship. You can have fun but choose your words smartly. Do not have fun at the expense of your partner.

Relationship is always a choice and so if you are in one make sure you give the right picture of your relationship to external bodies. Making fun of them sends a ‘see what i am managing’ message to people.

Respect your partner and do not allow anyone intrude in your affairs.

-Oluwatoyosi Malomo

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