With over 700 million active and engaging users, Instagram is a good platform for successful sales for business owners and a marketplace for potential customers.

The app is indeed a success and value driven app. It has benefited the founder and users alike. Instagram is one of the world’s most used apps.

The high level of traffic experienced on instagram on daily basis and the engagement rate is worth using for business purposes.

To make this more interesting to read, I have put together three top tactics to boost sales on instagram.

  • Attract: One of the effective ways to attract users is quality images. Instagram is all about images, doing otherwise will hamper business attraction. The need to use quality Images cannot be over emphasised. Picking a theme for your feed and stick to it also goes a long way in attracting sales prospects for your business.
  • Engage: Engaging users on a daily basis with interesting contents . Online contests, giveaways, sales discounts will bring more engagement to your page and thus boosting sales. Engaging users with videos and stories, providing exclusive information, responding to comments/DMs promptly and making good use of emojis will definitely make your page traffic driven with lots of engagement.

Convert: A happy user who is attracted to your page as a result of your taste for quality images, consistency in your theme and style of posting will always be glued to your page due to the awesome engagement experience. It will be easy to convert such user to a buying customer.

With the above points converting users into buying customers will be easy.

Let us  give this a try!!


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