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The future of AI is here.

The World AI Creator Awards (WAICA) has announced the groundbreaking “Miss AI” beauty pageant, a pioneering event that will showcase AI-generated contestants competing for the prestigious title. This innovative competition marks a significant milestone in the world of AI, highlighting the intersection of technology and beauty.

Hosted in partnership with Fanvue, a leading subscription platform for AI content, the Miss AI pageant will be the first of its kind, judging contestants not only on their physical appearance but also on their technical prowess and social media engagement.

Contestants will be evaluated on their beauty, tech skills, and clout, with judges assessing their performance based on traditional pageantry criteria such as poise, personality, and answers to questions. Additionally, contestants’ proficiency in utilizing AI tools and their social media influence will play a crucial role in determining the winner.

AI creator Aitana Lopez.

The panel of judges includes esteemed AI creators Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini, along with pageantry historian Sally Ann Fawcett and marketing expert Andrew Bloch. The winner of the Miss AI pageant will receive a prize package worth over $20,000.

The Miss AI pageant represents a significant advancement in the AI creator industry, marking a new era of recognition and celebration for AI creators worldwide. The winners will be announced on May 10, followed by an online awards ceremony later in the month.

Fanvue Co-Founder, Will Monanage, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “The creator economy is an extremely exciting place to be in right now, and with the help of our platform, there’s been exponential growth in AI creators entering the space, growing their fanbases, and monetizing content.”

The Miss AI pageant is just the beginning of a larger program of awards presented by WAICA, with the goal of becoming the premier awards ceremony for the AI creator economy.

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