Are you looking for ways to keep up with fashion trends! find below 5 major ways to get you started!!!!

1. Look for fashion inspiration everywhere. Fashion is all around us, and by reading, watching and learning new things about the world and fashion, you will be inspired and in time become a fashionista. Start looking at the world as your canvas and create, whether it be by styling different clothing garments together, or sketching ideas of clothing garments you’d like to recreate or find in a store.

2. Keep your eyes open for fashion. Fashionistas may be equally influenced by Gucci as by music, fine art, or poetry. Think about fashion as an art form, if you want to be real fashionista.

3. Do your fashion research on social media. On your personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, follow as many style and fashion icons as possible. This way, you can get instant fashion updates at your fingertips. Search popular fashion hashtags and regularly go digging for new and surprising style inspirations online.
Pinterest and Wanelo are great fashion-forward social networking pages that can help connect you with the fashion world. Start a profile and start saving things you like until you begin to develop a style you like that is all your own. Check out the “recommended” clothes that are near the things you save.
In Wanelo, you can go to the “Magic” section which provides things they think you’ll like based on your recent saves.

4. Stay up on the trends in the industry. Watch what celebs and designers are wearing, and try to recreate those looks into your daily outfits as a fashionista. Try not to copy the looks exactly, but try to put your spin on things.
Knowing what’s coming will really help you out in getting the goods before stores realize they can charge you twice as much as it is worth.
Look for things you’ve never seen before, and wouldn’t necessarily buy at first. When you see what’s coming into new stores that you find strange, it might mean that this is the next big thing.

5. Buy fashion magazines. Fashion magazines are one of the classic touchstones of being a fashionable person. Magazines can give you some basic information about the fashion world.
Carefully examine the details on photos. What is in now and what is not? Discover new fashion trends. Pay attention to the way of clothing and allow it to inspire you as to how you can wear your own clothes.
Can’t afford to subscribe to that many fashion magazines? Read them at the bookstore, or head to the library and check out their subscription.


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