Friday may not actually be the best day of the week but there is this emotions attached to Friday especially because it is a bye from work for the office people.

Most people feel that a well spent Friday is the one that was spent outside the house, mostly in the club.

This beautiful day we bring to you ways that you can enjoy your Friday without having to step out.

See ways below

  1. Get yourself that ultimate movie that would get you glued amazingly to a spot for hours probably till you sleep off.

2. You can pamper yourself with the things that you like to eat and drink.

3. Give yourself a thorough cleaning. Bath, do you manicure, pedicure and all that you need to feel clean and relaxed.

4. Listen to nice collection of songs. This works for me all the time.

5. You can catch up with programs on the Radio. By the time you move from one station to the other with a whole lot of amazing content on the radio your Friday night would have ended.

By Oluwatoyosi Malomo



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