Prince Nelson

Prince is has no shortages when it comes to fashion and trying out new styles. He has continued to show no signs of slowing down where fashion is the topic.


Let’s be real, we always look out for whatever Whitemoney has on. All these daring styles and how he rocks his piece is exactly why he’s imbedded in this list.


With that toned body, Neo can carry any look. From Ankara wears to corporate or casual, Neo nails it.

Adekunle Olopade

Adekunle Olopade makes whatever he wears sophisticated and classy. That’s a star!


This fashion model knows how to rock his outfits to the T. He’s the right man to model any outfit.


The Alte king, Cross. What’s more to say? Who’s more daring? Who every designer’s muse for an unconventional and daring look?


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