Shining bright like a tranquil star ✨ We are excited to unveil our 92nd edition,July Issue featuring the stunning Beverley Osu on the cover! ???? July just got a whole lot more glamorous!”The July edition is aptly themed “Tranquil Star,” prepare to embark on a celestial journey like never before.

In this edition Beverley Osu embodies the epitome of tranquility, exuding an aura of serenity. As our cover star, she effortlessly emanates a radiant glow, her luminous presence captivating all those who behold her.

Within the pages of this exquisite edition, we invite you to explore the depths of this tranquil star’s essence. Through exclusive interview, personal anecdotes, and captivating visuals, we unveil the hidden facets of Beverley Osu’s multifaceted persona, revealing the intricate layers of her ever-evolving journey.

From her captivating gaze that mirrors the vastness of the lens to her magnetic presence that commands attention, Beverley Osu effortlessly captures our hearts and attention, illuminating in this stunning issue. Join us as we delve into her phenomenal journey, exploring her rise to fame, boundless talent, and unwavering resilience – all interwoven into a tapestry of sheer brilliance. embrace the empowering grace of our captivating cover story with Beverly Osu, the embodiment of a Tranquil Star!”

Cover Credit

Cover Personality @beverley_osu

Cover Creative Director @officialswazzi

Cover Stylist @officialswazzi

MUA @beautybychinnabel

Photographer @simipixel

Designer for outfits @LookDifferentMarque

Editor in Chief/Publisher @sandraodige

Location @vava_funitures

Magazine @lamodemag


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