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ÀṣàWa Runway Showcase Green October Event 2021

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The ÀṣàWa fashion brand had the opportunity to showcase their designs on the runway at the just concluded Green October Event 8th edition by La Mode Magazine. The event which took place at the prestigious Oriental hotel Lagos, Nigeria.

At ÀṣàWa, the brand celebrates the rich tapestry of Nigerian heritage, weaving tradition and modernity into every thread of urban traditional clothing. Rooted in the vibrant culture and diversity of Nigeria, the brand curate a dynamic collection that reimagines timeless styles for the contemporary spirit.

The mission is to empower the next generation of fashion enthusiasts, the aspirers, and the bold. They design with a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity, offering you an elegant fusion of tradition and trend, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of style.

Step into a world where the old meets the new, where heritage meets innovation. Their designs are not just garments; they are stories waiting to be told. Their fabrics are not just textiles; they are legacies woven into every stitch.

Explore their curated range of urban traditional clothing, handcrafted with love and inspired by the heart of Nigeria. Be it the classic elegance of Aso-Oke, the bold flair of Ankara prints, or the regal allure of Adire, they bring you the essence of Nigerian culture in designs that resonate with the soul of the aspiring urbanite.

At ÀṣàWa, they are not just a fashion brand; they are a movement, a cultural bridge that connects the past to the present. Join them as they redefine fashion for the twenty-first century, celebrating tradition and inspiring your journey of self-expression. For them ” You are the canvas and we are the brush” together creating a masterpiece of style that pays homage to our roots.

Elevate your wardrobe with the essence of Nigeria, celebrate your heritage, and embrace your aspirations with ÀṣàWa.

October 4, 2021

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