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In recent times, there has been an upsurge of interest in curtailing global warming. Fashion is believed to contribute to 10% of the global emissions. As the world shifts towards sustainability, eco-friendly fashion is becoming mainstream.

A leading fashion designer, Uduak Enyie is committed to creating eco-friendly, trendy, urban, and glamorous Nigerian fashion. She loves pushing beyond boundaries by exploring Afrocentric clothing styles. Using recycled materials, she has created a form of uniqueness that is pacesetting.

Uduak’s fashion brand is timeless and classic. Her style of repurposing clothes helps to save energy and resources, thereby curtailing climate change. This is not only innovative within the fashion industry but also sustainable.
Uduak Enyie is the creative leader behind Styles by Udy – a reputable brand known for making bespoke African designs that embolden the wearer to feel gorgeous and comfortable.

At Styles by Udy, there are amazing collections of smart, alluring, and fashionable clothes; the brand experiments with different patterns, colours, and fabrics. These add class to clothing styles. From stripped, pinstriped, and plain clothes to minimalistic, simple, cool, and groovy ones, each piece of clothing makes a statement – elegance. This was voiced at the Green October fashion event.

As a global fashion figure with a taste for uncompromising quality, she took the spotlight at the prestigious Green October Fashion event in 2021. The popular event is a highly anticipated show in the Nigerian fashion industry. Now, in its seventh edition, it brings together big and small brands across the nation and beyond.

The 2021 fashion show, which was held at the popular Oriental Hotel, Lagos, brought the crème de la crème to the Nigerian Fashion space. Hosted by Ex BBnaija reality stars Ozoemena Chukwu and Cynthia Nwadiora (Cee-C), it was studded with A-list stars and fashion industry icons.
The event is a La Mode Magazine and La Mode Magazine Disability Foundation initiative consisting of charity, fashion show, and award night that creates awareness for persons with disabilities. The theme for this year’s edition is “Disability Rights and Equality”.

The event demonstrates the commitment of La Mode Disability Foundation and La Mode Magazine to promote diversity and inclusion by championing the rights of people living with disability in Nigeria. This award-winning event is devoted to promoting top-notch Nigerian fashion and lifestyle to showcase new Nigerian collections. These collections are stylish, colourful, and flattering. Many popular brands in the fashion industry attended the event, which is an unmissable runway show for all Nigerian fashion lovers.

Having worked to create her unique designs, Styles by Udy Maxi Collections made a big impression on the walkway. For Uduak Enyie, her brand is beyond fashion. It is self-expression and renewal. It is about saving our planet. She believes in using her eco-friendly clothes to make people environmentally conscious.

As a fashion trendsetter who is aware of the devastating effects of global warming, using recycled materials for her clothes is revolutionary. She fully displayed this when her brand hit the runway at the 2021 Green October Fashion event, unveiling the flawlessness of form and beauty, her creativity trailed the event.
Her presence at the event spurred the audience as she treated them to a visual feast of chic, bold, fresh, and avant-garde styles. It was like the splatter of rain against a brick wall, sloshing steadily and flattening the wall and then carving a new path.

The audience saw the trajectory – one that was ingenious, seamlessly blending African culture with the contemporary. It was also proof of Uduak’s devotion to breaking the boundaries of Afrocentric clothes. Beyond the glitz and glamour, she desires to make her style of sustainable clothing mainstream.
Globally, the clothing industry is the second largest polluter of the environment. Using her eco-friendly brand, Uduak is inspiring the world to make changes for a safe earth. She believes that we must come together to confront global warming. She also believes that fashion should take up a new meaning. At the 2021 Green October fashion event, she took environmental concerns to heart. One of her goals is to create a community of eco-friendly, like-minded fashion lovers.

Uduak’s influence extends beyond making simple, sophisticated, and timeless clothes for the Styles by Udy brand. She actively contributes to the Nigerian fashion environment by focusing on designing and styling for renowned celebrities and people of all shapes and sizes.
Uduak has displayed the depth and richness of African culture with these popular platforms. She conjures images of African aesthetics and contemporary styles, championing diversity and enduring values, which she hopes to immortalise in the hearts of her clients.


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