Chanel Classic

Also known as the 11.12, Karl Lagerfield’s 1980 remix of the original 2.55 has remained loyal to the original design while adding a touch of the new signature decadence.
There are a lot of differences between these two bags. In the classic, the chain strap is interlaced with black leather, and the original ‘Madmoiselle’ twist lock clasp is replaced with an instantly recognizable CC lock.

Chanel Boy


Boy Capel tribute to Chanel’s first love by Karl Lagerfeld in 2011. The studier structure of the bag riffs on a boxy silhouette of a hunter’s cartridge bag while the tougher, chunkier chain and oxidized metal hardware nod to the androgynous tendencies of the house’s original collections.
A campaign fronted by Alice Dellal solidified the Boy’s rock ‘n’ roll personality, and this rebellious member of the Chanel family has since become a symbol of the house’s androgynous heritage.

Chanel Gabrielle

The Gabrielle tote was the first Chanel bag to be positioned as a unisex style, with Pharell Williams featuring in the campaign. Its silhouette and chunky antiqued hardware, the long strap allows for a supremely versatile carry.

Chanel perfume bottle


The creative direction of Karl Lagerfeld has been extremely great, under his creation every Chanel runway is a treasure trove of need- it- now pieces of for the collector
But few have commanded the fever-pitch demand of 2013’s perspex and glass perfume-bottle clutch.



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