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Adekunle Gold Inspires Sickle Cell Anemia Survivors: “Nothing Should Stop You”

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Afrobeats star Adekunle Gold has delivered an empowering message to fellow sickle cell anemia survivors, drawing from his own experience with the condition.

During a recent performance, Adekunle Gold, who has lived with sickle cell anemia since birth, took a moment to address those battling the disease. He shared his journey of growing up with sickle cells and how he has managed to navigate life despite the challenges it presents.

“If I can do it, you can do it. I was born with sickle cells; I grew up with sickle cells and all my life I fought with it. But I’m thankful that I was able to manage it. I don’t fall sick, I don’t know how that’s happened but I’m thankful,” he expressed, encouraging others to persevere and pursue their dreams regardless of their health condition.

He emphasized that sickle cells should not be a barrier to achieving one’s goals. “This is me reaching out to everyone currently going through it, having to deal with the cramps and all the crises. It should never stop you; you know. Look at me, I’m a f***ing superstar now despite living with sickle cell. Nothing should stop you,” he passionately asserted.

Adekunle Gold has been vocal about his struggles with sickle cell anemia, describing it as a “life or death” situation. In a newsletter to his fans, he shared the challenges he faced growing up with the disease, including restrictions on activities and the impact on his social life.

Despite these challenges, Adekunle Gold has risen above his condition and is using his platform to inspire others facing similar battles.

February 27, 2024

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