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Arabylaide,HeldanBeauty,Book Of Glam Stories & More The Next Big Thing In 2016!!!!!!

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It is said that to be a successful makeup artist, you should be creative and artistic as well as you have to work very hard also, enjoy experimenting with ideas and goods, and have a good eye for colour.
These selected fast rising Makeup Artists have distinguished their brands in the industry and are focused to move their career ten levels higher. They are the next big thing in Nigeria and beyond. Watch out for them!!!
They include;
2.Vicky Heldan Beauty: @Vickyheldan
3.Book Of Glam Stories: @Bookofglamstories
4.Brushes Of Zeniba :Brushesofzeniba
5.Leke Shades: @Lekeshades

Catch them on Instagram for bookings!!!!!!!

December 10, 2015

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