Reze Bona is a trained architect and photographer highly experienced .He is innovative and creative. He granted us an interview. Let’s meet Rez!

La Mode: Tell us about yourself.
Reze: Reze Bonna is a brand operating between South Africa, Nigeria and America. Formal education in Architecture, and Photography. Also operates in the areas of music. Member: Professional Photographers of America, Camera Club of Johannesburg. Best Fashion Photographer 2012 Nigeria, multi gold award winner/ best image, CCj
Creative energy is derived from the multi-functional, multi-faceted, multi-racial, multicultural and multisizeable characteristics of the human being and body. There Is no limit to what the human being can achieve once he’s mind is set to it. I am also inspired by art and architecture and a lot of the principles of it, like form and function, light and shade, perspective etc, is expressed strongly in my work.
My passion for imagery has always been expressed in my work in different forms but as per photography directly, i would say about 10 years ago. i then took a course in South Africa, under julio Moreira who also happens to be an architect who practices fashion, architectural and high speed photography.

La Mode: What type of photography do you do most? And what do you enjoy most and why?
Reze: I practice Art, Fashion and portraiture. Also Architectural photography. I tend to travel a lot, shuttling monthly between America, Nigeria and South Africa. Sometimes Europe. I also work closely in conduction with the agencies in South Africa, and then have magazine i shoot covers for in the different countries mentioned. i also within my spare time conduct trainings for models who want to further their profession and either get signed or get better in impressing their clients and learning the ethics of their chosen profession. I also do a lot of portraiture work with the elite.
I try to create time for this so it doesn’t affect my other careers in music and architecture/property development which i still actively practice

La Mode: What makes you a unique photographer?
Reze: The ability to see and express images differently from everyone else

La Mode: What is Art to you?
Reze: Art to me is meant to provoke thoughts, invoke emotions and revoke barriers
I am inspired by art and architecture and a lot of the principles of it, like form and function, light and shade, perspective etc, is expressed strongly in my work. Shapes, shade and flexibility are a strong recurrent theme”
The rich dark African complexion and the challenges of lighting the skin intrigue me. Also the barriers that exist to be broken are a constant push for me. We have so much yet use so little. My work can be very minimalist and yet very flexible.

La Mode: How many sessions do you do per month? Do you feel you want more work or are you busier than you can handle.
Reze: Reze Bonna is more about the quality of work than the quantity. Happier to do fewer but more qualitative and rewarding work than be permanently busy with less rewarding and quantitative work

La Mode: What inspired to be a photographer?
Reze: The love for art and creativity

La Mode: What is your best and memorable shoot?
Reze: The public and posterity will judge that

La Mode: What is your best photography tip?
Reze: Proper preparation prevents poor performance

La Mode: What was your most challenging shoot?
Reze: None yet. Every new job comes with its unique challenges.

La Mode: What is advice for photographers just starting a business?
Reze: Know your purpose, identify your style, hone your skills, study your profession, and love your tools. Equipment do not make the art, people do

La Mode: What is your best business advice for established photographers?
Reze: Equipment do not make the art, people do


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