“Beyond Disabilities ” Green October Event 2018 Meet Onyinyechi Juliet Ofodile

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Meet Onyinyechi Jiliet Ofodile  an amazing model who has proved that there is ability in disabilities


Unlike some others,  her disability was from birth,  I mean congenital.  She grew up feeling alone in her world because she was different from her siblings. Never wanted help from anyone so she found a way of doing everything her.  I mean everything a normal child could do and more.  While growing up, the top American model fashion show was what she never missed on TV, yearning to become a run way model but it never came to reality because she was never selected during auditions.


She decided to try out pageantry and wasn’t among the top five at the first competition but she never gave up. Not only  did she win pageants she was second and first runner ups too.  Pageantry help her build her self esteem a bit but it didn’t stop her from hiding her disability.  She was a renowed student leader at the University of Lagos as an undergraduate and was appointed by the vc to participate in the hall assessment in 2015 as a result of her hall becoming the best hall in university


Under her tenure.  She didn’t let her love for catwalk and pageantry go down the drain as she taught catwalk and choreography from her third year in the University till date.  She has made a lot of queens from her training and has also built confidence in them with the slogan ‘ if Juliet can do this, you


Can” . Juliet is a graduate of estate management and currently work in a development company along side her pageant training.  Among the competions she participated in,  she was second runner up Miss unilag, second runner up Miss brighter future, winner Miss safety NIgeria and the winner the First lady reality show.  Today she is proud to say she has found the ability in her disability.

August 6, 2018

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