Black Sherif’s Emotional Tweet Sparks Concern and Support from Fans

Ghanaian Rapper Opens Up About Personal Struggles After Zaama Disco Concert
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Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif has recently shared his emotional state with fans through a heartfelt tweet on his X platform. The revelation came on December 27, 2023, following the success of his Zaama Disco Concert held in Accra on December 21, 2023.

In the tweet, Black Sherif candidly expressed, “I dey go through a lot,” indicating that he is currently facing personal challenges. He went on to share his contemplation of getting new tattoos, stating, “make them shade me left and right.”

The tweet has stirred a strong reaction from fans, who have flooded the platform with messages of concern, encouragement, and support. Many are expressing care for Black Sherif’s well-being and mental health, advising him to seek assistance and prioritize self-care. Additionally, several fans are supportive of his decision to use tattoos as a form of self-expression during difficult times.

Known professionally as Black Sherif, Mohammed Ismail Sherif gained prominence in 2021 with his hit song “First Sermon.” The artist’s popularity expanded in West Africa, particularly in Nigeria, with subsequent releases like “Kweku The Traveller” in 2022.

December 29, 2023

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