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Bruno Mars Reportedly Faces $50 Million Gambling Debt in Las Vegas

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Bruno Mars, known for his sensational performances, has reportedly accrued a staggering $50 million gambling debt in Las Vegas while captivating audiences with his residency shows.

Since 2016, Mars has been entertaining fans with his residencies in Las Vegas, thanks to a multi-year partnership with MGM Resorts. However, his gambling habits seem to have caught up with him, allegedly leading to a hefty debt with the very company that hosts his performances.

Despite earning an impressive $90 million annually from his deal with the casino, Mars’ losses at the gambling tables are said to have surpassed his earnings, leaving him in a challenging financial situation.

The acclaimed singer has been an enthusiastic gambler since his teenage years, often recalling his early experiences with cards and betting. He once shared, “I used to be like a loudmouth. You know the guy, people would want to take his money.” Mars also remembered his nervousness during his first casino visit at 19, highlighting the learning curve of losing to eventually win.

Mars’ residency at Park MGM, which was initially set to conclude last August, has been extended well into 2024. While the reason for these extensions is not confirmed, speculation suggests it may be linked to his alleged debt to MGM.

Despite his financial woes, Mars’ residency has been a massive success, drawing over 120,000 attendees and grossing more than $53 million. The show, which includes covers of songs by iconic artists like Stevie Wonder and the Beatles, has been a hit with fans, showcasing Mars’ versatility and talent on stage.

March 18, 2024

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