Chanel’s High Jewelry Collection Celebrates The Camellia Coco’s Signature.

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Chanel high jewelry collections have embraced the camellia from the outset, it appeared on a cuff last season. Also, there was the Jardin de Camelia collection in 2013. This time around, the flowers have gone roue.

Dubbed the 1.5—shorthand for “one camellia, five allures”—the collection to be unveiled in Paris starting today takes a sole camellia and turns it every which way, in red, pink, and white with an accent on transformability. Half of the jewels in the 50-piece collection can be detached and refastened in various ways, conventional or not.

The “Rouge Incandescent” necklace in white gold with a 7.1-carat cushion-cut ruby and nine strands of diamonds (73.2 carats in all) incorporates a flower within a flower, and offers (at least) five options of wear. This and three other pieces—the “Rose Intense” sapphire and diamond ring, and the “Rose Tendre” ring in sculpted rose quartz, diamonds, and pearls and complementary stud earrings with removable gold pendants.

January 18, 2019

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