In a gut-wrenching revelation, Chioma Ikokwu, popularly known as Chioma Goodhair, has laid bare the haunting details of her tumultuous past in an interview on Toke Moments, hosted by Toke Makinwa. The Real Housewives of Lagos star delved into a deeply personal account of enduring abuse in her first relationship, unmasking the insidious signs she chose to overlook.

Chioma courageously exposed the alarming pattern of manipulation employed by her former partner, labeling him a “serial beggar.” Recounting a chilling incident, she disclosed how he spent three days on the cold floor outside her house, only to stealthily creep into her bed on the fourth day, embodying an unsettling persistence that blurred the lines between love and control.

The reality star went on to reveal another facet of abuse – love bombing. She laid bare the deceptive nature of extravagant gifts showered upon her, especially after moments of transgression, creating a cycle that ensnared her in a toxic web. Chioma, known for her strength, admitted succumbing to the shame that shrouded her abuse and the challenges of breaking free from the cycle.

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