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Coaj Corner: Let’s Be Equals Part 1 (The Issue Of Feminism)

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Let me break it down, feminism is literally the war against women being relegated to certain duties, roles or positions because of their sex.
In all forms of marriages, the man is regarded as the head while the woman is meant to be submissive to the man. Now let’s take it to the real world; the head of a company delegates duties to his subordinates right? When you have a house help, he/she does all the chores you assign to him/her right? And this is so because he/she is being paid to be submissive to the boss. Now in the case of marriage, a woman voluntarily agrees to be submissive to her man for whatever reason, which means the man is supposed to delegate issues to the lady and in this case she gets paid with the man agreeing to take care of her and be with her “While She Is Submissive to His Will”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for gender equality but then let us look at things from a logical point of view; when a woman decides that she no longer wants to be submissive, then she’s deciding to be the man, which is probably not so wrong as long as she’s ready to do the duties of the man, like fix the electricity in the house, share the responsibility of financially maintaining the home halfway through, fix the furniture, pay for her own food while on a date, do not expect the man to open the door for her and so on.
These are probably not a problem with ladies from the western world but in Africa and mainly Nigeria, woman want to be regarded as equals with the men (again probably not wrong) but then when it comes to their “so-called” manly duties, they say things like; “ah ah…..I’m a lady naooo, how can we go on a date and you expect me to pay the bills?, don’t you know you should open the door for me as a lady?, as a man don’t you know you should fix the light?, why should I be the one to fuel the car when you are the man? Why should I be the one to ask him out, is he not supposed to do that as the guy?, ladies are not meant to propose, it’s the guy’s duty” and so much more, yet they do not want to be the ones to do the dishes or always cook the food, or take care of the baby or wash the clothes. When it comes to things like that they say they are being treated unfairly because they are women. They want to be the head of companies, yet they expect the guy who is just an employee to still take care of them and the house! Mba…..If you want us to be equals, no problem, I’m all up for it but let’s be equals on absolutely everything. Meaning when we go on a date, pay for your food and let me pay for mine alone, when the lights are out, fix them, when the furniture need repairs, fix them, open your own door, let’s share the rent equally after all we both stay in the house, fuel the generator and car equally. Do not expect any extra from us as guys.
You like a guy? Ask him out, already in a relationship for long? Pop the question, buy your own car, pay half of the wedding cost, work in construction sites and factories.
You want us to be equals? Well let’s be equals on everything and every level!

P.S: I believe in equality *Winks*

February 27, 2015

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