In a heartwarming moment on The View, actress Yvette Nicole Brown, 52, revealed her engagement to actor Anthony Davis. The Community star shared the joyous news while guest co-hosting the ABC talk show, lifting her hand to showcase the engagement ring. The audience erupted in cheers as Brown introduced her fiancé, who was seated in the audience.

Brown and Davis have a history that spans decades, having known each other since their 20s. They initially crossed paths in an acting class at church, maintaining a platonic friendship during Davis’s previous marriage. After losing touch for a few years, Davis reconnected with Brown in 2021 following the passing of her mother and his divorce. Brown expressed her belief that their reunion was orchestrated by their late mothers.

The proposal took place during a celebration in Brown’s hometown in Ohio, where her high school had recently named its auditorium after her. Davis creatively used a lottery scratch card, with the message, “Will you marry me?” revealing itself when Brown scratched it. The actress humorously recounted, “I thought I was going to win some money and I won a man!”

Brown’s co-hosts, including Sunny Hostin, expressed their excitement and congratulations. The engagement announcement on The View follows another celebratory moment for the show, as co-host Whoopi Goldberg acknowledged crew member Nikki Cain’s recent engagement.

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