La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner

La Mode: Tell us about Uriel?

Uriel: My name is Uriel Oputa before I auditioned for Big Brother I was a full time carer for my mum and was also trying to break into the music industry as a House music Artist
La Mode: Tell us about your background and Educational details?

Uriel: I studied nursing in the United Kingdom
La Mode: You are musician; tell us about how you started music

Uriel: I started music at a very young age I come from a very musical family, so from a young age music has always been my Escape my passion.

La Mode: How did you feel about your eviction in general?
Uriel: well I was shocked I felt it was too soon for me to leave but everyone has their set time, so I guess 6 weeks was mine. I miss the Big brother house tho just the house lol.

La Mode: The big brother platform is a big platform, how do you intend to make use of this great opportunity haven been evicted from the big brother house?

I plan to make use of this huge platform by pushing my business my music I believe in multitasking, I have so much lined up.

La Mode: Being a hair business guru, MUA and Musician, how are you going to combine them with your musical career?

Uriel: well I have a passion for hair and music and I have ten fingers not one lol so I can do all things I set my mind to. And based on logistics I be igbo girl loool.

La Mode: Do you intend to release any song soon?

Uriel: I am planning to release something defo.
La Mode: Tell us about fashion style

Uriel: My style is Mama Africa with a Uk swag. I love being African I love our fabrics and Jewelry I actually have a Jewelry line coming out.
La Mode: Which international and local fashion magazine is your favorite?

Uriel: local La Mode Magazine you guys rock and international Vogue

La Mode: Who motivates you?

Honestly my mum, she was diagnosed with Dementia with affects her memory she needs round the clock care, before she loses all her memory and forgets me , I want to tell her mum I made it. I want her to be happy she’s all I have.

La Mode:
How do you see your brand in the next 4years from now?

Uriel: yo man!!! I’m going to have wig shops wig brands Jewelry lines, sold out concerts. Restaurants. Uriel Uriel.

La Mode:
What is your advice for people who look up to you?

Uriel: stay true to yourself I have been trying for over 8 years to break in both in Nigeria and Uk, please stick to what you believe in, Dreams come true. Always place yourself around positive people, Dream big and work towards it,


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