La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner

La Mode: Can we meet you?

Agbonifo:  My names are Agbonifo Asemota Eghosa

La Mode: Tell us about your background?

Agbonifo : I was born and brought up in Benin . Last born of my parents . I attended Emotan primary school . Ebenezer /Negbenebor international school all in Benin city . I am married with three wonderful kids . I am a graduate of computer science from Benson Idahosa University.

La Mode: What is life like as an  entrepreneur and politician ?

Agbonifo:  Life of an entrepreneur involves everyday brainstorming . An entrepreneur is that man that can improvise and daily finds solutions to critical areas to Grow the business . For me politics is part of humans existence so we can’t not seperate it from our lives . Those that do is as a result of fear and intimidations . Because we are all political animals .

La Mode: You are planning for 2019 house of Assembly membership Edo State ,  what inspired you ?

Agbonifo:  My Going into the house is to create awareness. And play a positive role to impact my people . There is so much neglects and am moved by love and compassion for my constituents.A leader must first love , without loving ur people u can’t deliver for them . So I will say my love for my people is the reason am contesting so I can uplift them positively

La Mode: What is your vision for the people of Edo State?

Agbonifo:  My vision for Edo state is for us to be the pride of the country . Edo state that my children unborn and generations to come will be proud of . Edo state that everything functions accordingly and laws are obeyed

La Mode: What do you intend to do differently?

Agbonifo:  I intend to come up with programs that involves private partnership because government alone can’t fund all sectors optimally . So my goals is to involve friends in diaspora and friends in Nigeria to collectively develop our streets , wards , constituency and senatorial district .

La Mode: Tell us about your humanitarian works to humanity?

Agbonifo:  To me I feel a neglected child will one day create a huge problem for society . Look at the crime rates u see is as a result of neglects . So I don’t want to be part of those that failed our children . So therefore am ensuring within my abilities I impact them through he provision of school books , shoes , uniforms . School tanks for water storage and a lot more .

La Mode: What is your greatest achievement?

Agbonifo:  My Greatest achievement is the day I made the decision to get married . Ever since have never had any regret . June 13th 2017 , I celebrated 8 years of marital bliss

La Mode: What is your advice for young people who look up to you for inspiration?

Agbonifo:  My advice to young people is simple . Life is a gradual process and with positive projections we can make a difference . There is no short cuts to getting it right . The only short cut is through crime and that You already know is not an option because of the consequences involve . Thanks a lot and God bless.


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