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Fantasy are fairy tale stories we tell ourselves, stories without words, but flying mental pictures littering the atmosphere of the unseen, rhetorical story telling where oneself is story teller and audience in one. This story brings smiles, giggles and never ending thought that hardly shine bright in the realm of reality

Fantasy here and there is a reality here and there, Jake in his small apartment fantasize himself living the life, drive cool fancy car, on vacation and tour in the Bahamas and Ibiza, and there is Blake living the life Jake envisioned from afar. Fantasy a twist and turn to humanity.

Some fantasies are impregnated dreams that are borne out with hard work, consistency, grace as they become a reality and no more an imagery of the mind, while some never leave fairy land.

What’s your fantasy, what makes your smile run like water at the brink of a fall, always know and keep in check what you fantasize about, because some may cost your precious time, moments, joy, happiness and still not achievable.

– Awe John


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